2021 World Young Scientist Summit raises curtain in Wenzhou, building bridge of innovation, cooperation for sci-tech personnel

Peter Gluckman, president of the International Council for Science, and Zhong Nanshan, one of China’s top epidemiologists, made opening remarks via video.

Zhang Yuzhuo, a senior official from the CAST hailed the increasing international influence of the event, which was held for the first time two years ago, as well as the stronger ties among young talents from various countries fostered by the Summit.

The Summit provides young scholars with opportunities for open and earnest exchanges, fosters an ecology of mutual benefit and shared innovation, and builds a youth community that features openness, mutual trust and inclusive innovation, he added.

Wang Hao, a senior official from Zhejiang Province, introduced the accelerated sci-tech and institutional innovation made by the province over the past two years, adding that Zhejiang has built a high-capacity innovation platform system in order to attract and retain more talents.

The province will keep enhancing the research on core technologies and accelerate the development of high-tech industries to provide a strong impetus for high-quality development and set an example of building common prosperity, Wang added.

Gluckman remarked that technology needs more open international exchange and cooperation, in which young scientists and organizations shall play a greater role..

Liu Xiaotao, a senior official from Zhejiang’s Wenzhou, said the city took the Summit as an opportunity to promote innovation among its market entities, and fuel innovation with scientific outcomes.

The Summit included 47 online and offline activities, such as the International Forum on Biodiversity Conservation and Biotechnology and the 2021 Resilient Cities International Symposium.

The Summit is also planning to launch a summer school program, offering academic visits, as well as exchanges and research internships.

SOURCE 2021 World Young Scientist Summit