Advanced telecare service that helps susceptible people stay independent wins innovation challenge

Essence SmartCare Spain has actually won an innovation obstacle for its telecare, which integrates predictive learning algorithms and synthetic intelligence (AI) to enhance the lives of senior and handicapped individuals.

Ibernex, which establishes healthcare services, released the technology obstacle through Aragon Open Future, an open development effort by Telefónica in alliance with T-ZIR.

50 start-ups, SMEs, innovation centers and entrepreneurs entered the competition. Throughout the examination procedure, the nine most ingenious projects took part in a virtual event, coordinated by the Aragón Open Future team, in which, together with Ibernex, their proposals progressed.

The winner of this call, Essence SmartCare Spain, establishes innovative advanced telecare solutions targeted at company for elderly care.

Its service, based on predictive learning algorithms and AI, is capable of evolving according to users’ requirements and monitoring their activity through programmed rules and automated behaviour knowing.

Now, Essence SmartCare will perform a real pilot of its proposal, spent for by Ibernex, with a value of as much as ₤ 45,000.

The platform sends out alarms to member of the family and carers when there is a modification in the person’s typical behaviour pattern, which could be determined as risky or harmful to the person’s health, such as excessive use of the bathroom at night or leaving the front door open for more than 15 minutes.

Then, carers and relative are informed of the change in behaviour through an alarm, which can be sent out through text, email or through the mobile app.

This technology assists susceptible people every day and makes it possible to discover the deterioration of health in the early stages. The platform likewise includes a system of unobtrusive devices that allow older individuals to age independently in their own home.

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