An era of loom: Shall lingering infection, inflation, low job security change human behaviour substantially?

Tell me do you still wait for your weekend coffee-joint clout any more? No, you don’t — grief of lost ones is still on the mind, fear of job loss or revenue containment occupies the recesses, and in case you take a shared accommodation home, due to high gas prices, or the time to the next Metro, your interaction is sliced. Sentences are clipped, emotional sways are set upright, even the “good-bye” is just a brisk wave of the hand.

An uncertain global economy, and uncertain war that is not settled even by super-diplomacy, or any other method that saves humanity and human lives?

Global leadership seems to be too shaky to offer a solid pillar of stability. No Lincoln, Washington, Gandhi, King to hold on to the sails.

Decades ago in times US-Russia parleys,”Perestroika” in times of Gorbachev, Strategic Arms Treaties (SALT),two potential nuclear rivals knew just how to soft-pedal the issue—in some ways intangible, yet to be put on the back-burner for a larger non-combat scenario.

The world strangely transformed with two immediate changes. Covid the Pandemic with hitherto un-parallel destruction, nor sufficient scientific information to tackle its future avatars and China still battling spurts of eruptions, a self-mutation by the cruel virus gave rise to its Omicron variant, that so far is less virulent and may show susceptibility to oral anti-viral drugs. There is no doubt that vaccines played a key role

The present skirmish in Ukraine,-Russia, eastern Europe, seems to be prolonging, with NATO, EU, and the immediate rush of Nordic countries to join NATO! But the reason, and diplomatic-economic end-point of the war impoverishing the world is as yet to be defined. China stands out, if all this world is about money. They can negotiate with their trading partner the US, and an old ally Russia.

Some wise men need to get together and work-out a peace plan.

The US is working out a plan to sanction $40bn for arming NATO. If hegemony, and real gold be the guiding force of our times, make it $100bn and have a deal! Shift diplomatic interactions, even acrimonious ones by a couple of years. A third peace- loving presently half-starved shall make its mark, and with modulation as the UN after WWII, may have a pull at the strings.

However, the stress is telling. Human behaviour as insecurity, suspicion, is on the rise even in close ones—-not exactly paranoia, but flashing glimpses of the condition. More need psychotherapy and counselling.

Human behaviour, social rules, laws, have, and are known to change after confrontational situations. Perhaps there are as many dictators as democracies in the world, where the UN Charter, even intervention is un-allowed.

There is an old paradigm — “Matter and Non- Matter”

Variously described.

Matter survives, as old replica, churches, mosques, temples, fire temples. It is the “Non-Matter” that is circumspect to thought and analysis!

Will human behaviour change by the time the deluge is over?  Sure a topic where top psychologists world over must be studying, their own stress included!



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