Animal’s mirroring Human Behaviour and Life(Poem)

Animal’s mirroring Human Behaviour and Life– (Poem)

I’ve had enough, I’m done,

The world is a better place now that I am gone,

I’m gone from the love; I’m gone from the caring,

I’m here in a shell, I am a body and I’m lonely

You don’t see all the pain, all the loneliness I see

I’ve had it you see for a while yes that’s me

It’s hard to believe you’ve said all along

That I’m easy and giving, I’m obedient and strong

But my anger is growing; I’m tired of this life,

I’m tired of this place; I’m tired of this fight

I want to be free, to be alone like I was,

I miss my old boss, he loved me just cause

He thought in good interest that I would love to be here

Here doing good, here without fear

But I hate being here, and I hate all the fuss,

I’m not used to such attention, not ever, not much

I’m given such love by so many kids,

They have no clue really and torture me I guess

I don’t know why I don’t love being their ride,

I guess I just want to run away and just hide

It’s complicated I think, like depression I think

I want to be free, and I want to be me

My heart has shut down and I don’t find much love

I haven’t for a while can’t accept it, can’t love

Fear of the change, fear of the life

The anxious and fear makes me just want to hide

Hide from all life, I want to be me

That’s easy you see when it always just me

There now you know, I am full on my own,

I’m scared of the world, the company, the flow

I yearn for a place where my heart is at peace

Where there is no one, nothing, no roles, no doctrines

Yes I’m scared of the world, and I miss my small space

My contained little bubble, where I came from, that space

But it’s easier now here, with less bosses to pick

Part of me wants to try; most of me don’t give a shit

In truth it’s a fact, I’m scared and I’m anxious

I’m used to just one, not too much change and not too much fun

I don’t know how to be any other sanity,

All the change is too much, and I don’t know how to handle it

To be open and giving could crush me to death

So I’d rather stay scared, close down and reject