Anti manspreading chair ticks the box for innovation

As a woman of above average height,( 5’10”), I have to confess to a beneficial interest in the innovative anti manspreading chair created by a young Norfolk style student. Being high means that I often need a little extra leg room than the majority of public seating spaces allow for. To make things even more unpleasant, the circumstance can end up being a whole lot even worse when you experience a male spreader.

Man spreading is the senseless behaviour of some people, generally guys, to sprawl in such a way, when they are seated, that they trespass on their neighbour’s area. Literally spreading their legs broad apart indicates they not just utilize up all their own room, however that of their neighbours, requiring them to squeeze into a much tighter area. In my experience no amount of nudging or passive aggressive sighs and glares ever seems to remove a male -spreader.

Laila Laurel began investigating the phenomenon as she travelled on trains to and from work. Her research study ended up being the basis for a year long task as part of her studies at Brighton University, entitled,’Feminism in The Third Measurement’ in which Laurel hoped to address a few of the sexist concerns dealt with by ladies through style solutions.

The result was her award winning anti manspreading chair which channels the resident’s legs together, restricting them to their own space. While this is intended for a male occupant, Laurel also produced a matching chair which forces the caretaker to spread their legs apart, which is her way of motivating females to take up more space.

Laurel created another chair for females, complimenting her anti manspreading chair. Conversely, the alternative chair positively encourages spreading. (Photo:
< img src=""alt ="Laurel created another chair for females, complimenting her anti manspreading chair. Alternatively, the alternative chair favorably encourages spreading. (Image:

“width =” 700 “height =”460″> Laurel produced another chair to enhance her anti manspreading chair. On the other hand, the alternative chair positively encourages dispersing. (Image: “I believe males tend to command space and require ladies to move for them far more than vice versa, “she claims.”In order to achieve gender equality it is important to consider several aspects of sexism.” The matching triangular chairs have an attractive appearance and are made of sycamore and cherry wood. The set of chairs scooped the distinguished Belmond award at the New Designers in London exhibit which showcases the work of University students.

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While numerous appreciated this neat service to the male dispersing issue, Laurel got something of an unfavorable backlash in remarks about her design in online forums consisting of being a ‘guy hater’. Her critics seem to have actually missed the point, like all good design, Laurel’s is developed to make us believe, she admits the chairs are “more of a concept and not always a practical style”. She continues, “I think humour is an actually intriguing tool in order to tackle social issues.”

No matter what you may consider her design, she has certainly had the ultimate victory as her award included a ₤ 1000 reward and the opportunity to work on developing a product for a leading hotel and leisure industry chain.

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