ARTEMIS – jHubMed delivering innovation right where it is needed

This is an innovation that will save lives in the field. ARTEMIS is a jHubMed project, funded through UK STRATCOM.

How it works: with the use of a simple, portable, camera and laptop system, ARTEMIS allows a specialist, such as a Neuro surgeon, to provide direct real-time advice to a deployed clinician. It uses Proximie Augmented Reality software allowing the advisor to indicate or mark areas of interest and give visual direction to the Operator as they undertake surgery.

Due to the recording and live streaming functions it will better inform UK surgical teams when preparing for follow-up procedures. Being able to view the operation will provide a unique insight for UK surgeons who will know exactly what techniques were used during the initial damage control surgery. In fact the deployed surgeon can dial into the surgery at RCDM Birmingham and watch/provide detail as the second surgeon works.

Furthermore, through the generation of a unique trauma surgery video library, ARTEMIS will greatly assist Surgical teams in their Clinical pre-deployment training.

What next: ARTEMIS was trialled in Norway with Commando Forward Surgical Group and on Ex SS3 in Oman with 22 Field Hospital. The aim is to have the system available to all the Role 2 and 3 Field Hospitals, RAF Hospital Staging Unit and the RFA ARGUS by Spring next year.

A typical ARTEMIS recording set-up with 2 specialist cameras (one wide angle, one close up/ detail) mounted to the roof of the Role 2 Medical facility. MOD Crown Copyright.