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Here is borne our beer, in Gualdo Tadino, amongst the well-known Umbrian hills commemorated by Dante Alighieri, here where the extremely pure water comes down from the mountains heading straight to our fields to feed the ground, to satiate the trees’ thirst, to mix into the atmosphere and to give life. Gualdo Tadino is the “heart-shaped” city in honor to the pulsating shape of its ancient walls which have now vanished after living a succession of stories of culture, master craftsmen and heroic deeds.

Our barley has its roots in a really ancient story. Emperor Frederick II checked out Gualdo Tadino around 1242, during his dispute with the Papacy, when he found the faithful Ghibelline town of Gualdo ruined after a horrible fire. Touched by the fate of the allied town, the Emperor showed his generosity by building the new city walls, of which he personally laid the first stone of the refurbished “Flea Castel”. “he rode his horse around this land, and sowed with his own hands wheat, barley, spelt, broad beans, millet and other oils; he asked the Almighty to assist the Castle grow and the individuals multiply, and to guarantee them food and an everlasting security”. (Chronicon)

Nowadays, Birra Flea originates from the well-known waters of Gualdo Tadino and the seeds sown by Emperor Frederick II many centuries earlier. Moreover, Matteo, the owner and his partner Maria Cristina, have a strong enthusiasm for regional stories about heroes, ladies and witches, and chose to name the four beers after these individuals: Isabella, Adelaide, Bianca Lancia, Margherita, Costanza, Anais, Federico II, Federico II Extra, Bastola and Violante.

Really recently, Birra

Flea has joined and won two gold medal and a silver medal in this distinguished competitors: Bianca Lancia– Blanche Granted Gold by Singapore Newspaper BIANCA HISTORY Bianca Lancia, an Italian noblewoman from Piedmont, was one of the 4 spouses of EmperorFrederick II and
most likely the one he liked the many. They preserved a lasting secret relationship and according to some historians Bianca Lancia was the only real love of his life. She was a kind and fragile person, and was continuously and inconspicuously present throughout Frederick’s life. Their marital relationship was commemorated the day when Bianca Lancia was dying, in order to legitimate the political climb of their son, Manfred, who was the last Swabian King of Sicily. BLANCHE Pure malt ale, brewed with both barley and wheat malts. Bianca Lancia has a fresh taste, a low bitterness and is a little acid, with a thick, velvety andadherent head. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, top-fermented and 2nd fermentation in the bottle. Active ingredients: Water of Gualdo Tadino, barley and wheat malt, selected yeasts and hops, coriander, bitter orange peels. Costanza– Blonde Ale Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

COSTANZA HISTORY Frederick II’s mother, Constance of Hauteville, was commemorated by Dante as”the great Costanza, who from the Swabians’second gust engendered the one who wastheir 3rd and last power

“. Dante underlined her resoluteness on

the political scene

but also her improvement. She was Queen of Sicily from 1194 to 1198. Costanza was likewise the name of the first Frederick’s better half: she was the eldest child of Alfonso II of Aragon and the first wife of Emperor Frederick II. In 1209, on the event of the marital relationship, she was crowned. “Queen of Sicily”. Our beer Costanza was produced to celebrate the 2 Queens. BLONDE ALE Pure malt ale, brewed with 100% barley malt. Costanza has a fresh taste, is a little fruity and bitter, with a thick, velvety and adherent head. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, top-fermented and 2nd fermentation in the bottle. Active ingredients: Water of Gualdo Tadino, barley malt, hops and yeasts. Anais– Smoked beer Granted Silver by Singapore Paper ANAIS HISTORY The simple mention of the name” Anais”reminds scents and inebriating fragrances of the Orient, gold pendants, silver grains and ribbons of purple, unique essences of myrrh and incense, cedar fruits and mandrake plants.

That is what might have believed the young Frederick II tne extremely moment he met the cousin of her new

wife. Frederick II married Yolanda of Brienne, queen of Jerusalem, in November 1225 primarily for a diplomatic function. The emperor was amazed by the females of theQueen retinue

in specific by her cousin Anais because of her deep shiners and her Odalisque body which reminded memories of far-off lands such as Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus Island. Yolanda was still a too young and immature woman so Frederick decided to spend the very first night of his wedding together with Anais and started with her a relationship of enjoyment and voluptuousness. However, Anais was a too strong-willed and indomitable lady to accept to be a pure unique item of pleasure predestined to live a life as a concubine. Fredrick thought about Anais as his gorgeous and evasive”flower of Syria”and when she left and deserted the Emperor he composed a moving goodbye lamentation in the vain wait on his beloved Anais’s return. SMOKED Pure malt ale, brewed with 100 %barley malt. Anais has an important fragrant profile, smoked notes, extreme taste, dry, a little bitter and with a caramel and hazelnut aftertaste due to making use of unique malts. Its head is compact, velvety and adherent foam. Active ingredients: water of Gualdo Tadino, barley malt, hops and yeasts Interview of Mr. Matteo Minelli Owner of Birra Flea Question 1: Do you already export to Singapore? If yes, where? If no, what kind of importers & distributors are you trying to find in Singapore? We have actually simply started with a young group, who is very active

and ecstatic to market our beers
. Its name is Beyond Taste, You will discover our products in Singapore pretty soon. We are enthusiastic and we are positive to capture an excellent market share, either in horeca company or in the very best local grocery stores. Concern 2: What is the most distinct and qualitative part of your items, various from competitors? High quality malts come fromthe barley which grow in Umbria and are then operated in the family farm. Hops, yeast and sugar, are exclusively purchased fromchosen suppliers. Pure water which flows from the

Appenine mountains of Gualdo Tadino (Umbria)Genuineness of raw products and hightest requirements of production development. All the production of beer uses barley and wheat malt, any filtration and pasteurization process is included. The beer is refermented in the bottle in order to maintain their initial organoleptic characteristics, without the addition of chemical ingredients. The other basic materials, such as hops, yeast and sugar, are specifically bought from picked providers. 3. When did you begin to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years? We have actually begun exporting our beers in

2014, we are in numerous european countries and some other lands all over the world. Our objective is to increase a lot more our export

of”made in Italy”product, which has in its soul premium active ingredients and raw materials. They are our strong point,

together with our helpfulness and devote attention to our customers.

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