Blockchain marketplace believes women are the key to innovation in Crypto industry

Blockchain marketplace believes women are the key to innovation in Crypto industry

Bitcoin trading platform, Paxful is looking into expanding its presence in South Africa by nurturing as much female talent as possible.

Digital peer-to-peer crypto marketplace, Paxful believes that women play an extremely important role in the future of blockchain in Africa. In a press release issued on Friday, 30 August 2019, the Bitcoin platform expressed the desire to expand its female-powered reach throughout the continent.

“Women are critical to the future of the crypto-economy and we are committed to fostering more diversity and supporting efforts to attract more women to make their mark in the industry,” says Ray Youssef, co-founder and CEO of Paxful.

“We’ve already seen the incredible contribution that women have made to the technology sector overall as founders, developers, product managers, investors and more. The crypto-economy could greatly benefit from the rich diversity of skills, perspectives, experiences and many other unique resources that women can offer. Further, in my opinion, women are decidedly better community builders, which is a very important factor in driving a peer-to-peer economy like the crypto space. At Paxful globally, many of our senior leadership roles are held by women.”

According to the platform, expanding its presence in South Africa means ‘nurturing as much female talent as possible’ – almost 40% of its employees are women and the company hopes to further increase female appointments in its offices across the globe, located in New York City, Hong Kong, Estonia, and the Philippines. 

While overall female participation in the broader crypto-economy, as stated by the WEF, is estimated at between 1 per cent- 5 per cent globally, Paxful says it believes that growing female participation in crypto will be key to the sector’s continued innovation and success.

By Jenna Cook

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