Blum and Renowned Architects Unveil a Fusion of Artistry at ACETECH Mumbai 2023: A World of Innovation and Elegance

Blum and Renowned Architects Unveil a Fusion of Artistry at ACETECH Mumbai 2023: A World of Innovation and Elegance

New Delhi, November 04,  2023 :  Blum, the Austrian manufacturer specializing in furniture fittings, is excited to be a significant participant in ACETECH, hosted by ABEC Exhibitions and Conferences from November 2nd to 5th, 2023. Blum has collaborated with renowned architects who have incorporated Blum’s hardware into their creative works of art, aimed at captivating and delighting visitors.

Blum has collaborated with accomplished architects such as Ar. Gautam Naik, Founder, Gautam & Geetanjali Arc Excel Consultancy; Zubin Master, Co-founder and Director, Design Matrix; Ar. Karan Desai, Founder, Karan Desai Home; and Ar. Hafeez Contractor for the Art Installation Street. These accomplished architects are joining forces with Blum to utilize the company’s hardware components as their creative tools, working together to craft exceptional pieces of art. These distinctive art installations are poised to be a prominent highlight at the ACETECH Mumbai exhibition. The collaboration brings together the worlds of architecture and craftsmanship, demonstrating the potential for innovative design when professionals in the field join forces with a renowned hardware manufacturer like Blum. Visitors at ACETECH Mumbai can anticipate being captivated by these unique and visually striking works of art. 

Speaking about ACETECH, Mr. Nadeem Patni, MD, Blum India, stated, “Austria’s strong artistic heritage is well-recognized, and this cultural connection led Blum to eagerly embrace the opportunity to collaborate with renowned Indian names. These distinguished Indian personalities are set to create installation art pieces using Blum’s hardware components at the ACETECH event. The prospect of such a collaboration was simply irresistible to Blum. The result of this collaboration promises to be a source of joy and fascination for all attendees at the event. This merging of artistic sensibilities from Austria and India is sure to create an engaging and delightful experience for every visitor to ACETECH.”

Explore Blum’s most recent product designs at their dedicated booth during ACETECH. The booth will showcase their iconic hinges, runners, and drawer systems and introduce the recently unveiled REVEGO. This innovative pocket door system seamlessly incorporates technology, offering the flexibility to open up entire living spaces as needed and conceal them when not in use. They will also present another new product, AVENTOS Hki, an integrated stay lift known for its compact and slender design, allowing full integration into the cabinet’s side.

The Blum Booth, located at C8 in Hall 1 of the ACETECH event within the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre, is an essential stop for those seeking to encounter internationally acclaimed standard products. This booth promises to offer visitors a firsthand experience with globally acclaimed standard products. It’s a prime opportunity for visitors to explore and appreciate the high-quality offerings that Blum has in store.

ACETECH is Asia’s leading trade fair for architecture, building materials, art, and design—the third-of-its-kind in the world. The exhibition brings together the biggest brands and several high-profile visitors under one roof for a synergistic relationship.

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