Capturing Global Opportunities Together: Huawei Unveils Growth and Innovation at HDC.Together 2023

Capturing Global Opportunities Together: Huawei Unveils Growth and Innovation at HDC.Together 2023

DONGGUAN, China, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei unveiled a series of business updates and innovations during its annual flagship developer conference HDC.Together, which took place this August. With over 300 global developers and business leaders in attendance, Huawei highlighted HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) growth, delving into its latest innovations and partnership solutions.

Huawei Paves a Gateway to International Markets

Walter Ji Rengui, President, Consumer BG, Global Ecosystem Development and Operations Department, said: “In the past year, we achieved remarkable results in product innovation and business development. These impressive outcomes reflect our commitment to growth, with a surge in globally registered developers and cooperated partners.”

AppGallery has solidified in the global top 3 of mobile application ecosystems. It attracted 580 million Monthly Active Users, with over 170 million Quick Apps MAU and 6.35 million registered developers globally.

Speaking at HDC.Together, Atanas Raykov, VP of Growth, Rakuten Viber, said: “Our app was one of the first to come onboard AppGallery and be integrated with HMS Core. This collaboration propelled Viber into the forefront and helped us amass millions of users across EMEA region. Our recent partnership with Huawei AppGallery signifies our commitment to bring exclusive benefits to Huawei users in Europe.”

With Petal Ads, Huawei’s mobile advertising ecosystem, the brand recognises that the number of providers capable of offering a fully comprehensive global solution to advertisers is still limited. Petal Ads views it as a chance to help advertisers facilitate commercial connections worldwide and help regions to connect, including China. Its vision is to build an efficient business cycle driven by growth.

Petal Ads Enriches Partnership Bonds

At this year’s HDC.Together signing ceremony, Huawei formalised a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with two of its distinguished partners, Poly-Gamma and Andalucía Tourism.

Poly-Gamma, an open-source advertising company, is partnering with Petal Ads to expand its reach to premium users in both the Chinese and global markets, through the platform’s premium inventory and novel attribution.  

The ceremony saw the presence of key figures such as their CEO Travis Dahm, and board member Salvatore Buccellato, highlighting their support of this enduring partnership.

Turismo Andalucía’s Marketing Executive Manager Juan Manuel Ortiz Pascual and Digital Marketing Manager Moisés Rubiño also attended the signing ceremony. This strategic move reflects their commitment to promote this tourist destination in the Chinese market through Petal Ads, starting already during the Golden Week Festival Season.

Juan Manuel Ortiz Pascual, Marketing Executive Manager of Turismo Andalucía, elaborated on the opportunities and challenges of tourism in the new era of globalization, and the importance of Chinese tourists to Spain. He stressed “how to accurately and efficiently reach high-quality potential outbound tourism users will be the key to marketing”.

Justin Chen, President of Advertising BU, Huawei Consumer Cloud Service, said: Petal Ads mission is clear – to provide businesses with efficient and accurate tools, driving growth. Through a range of innovative solutions, we are poised to redefine high-performance marketing, while ensuring a secure advertising environment for all.