Confined space monitoring: Redesigned unmatched safety through unmatched innovation – BIC Magazine

PK Solutions announced the release of wilma™, an innovative, compact and user-friendly monitoring assistant designed to assist trained safety professionals, operators and technicians as an extension of your existing confined space entry procedures. wilma™ ensures the safety of your workers by delivering digital connectivity inside the space and providing management full transparency of the who, what, where and when of a job.

Unlike other confined space monitoring technology on the market, wilma™ can be setup by a single technician in a matter of minutes for a fraction of the cost.

wilma™ provides continuous, remote monitoring of atmospheric  readings for critical confined spaces and entrants inside the space. wilma™ also provides Wi-Fi to workers in confined spaces, allowing management to connect with them via live video, voice, text and channel communication. Management can access live video of the manway & interior, KPIs, dashboards and reports anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Ben Burrus, CTO, PK Solutions: “The problem with other solutions is that they require multiple pieces of hardware, such as gas monitors and cameras, that collect data and send it to separate platforms that don’t communicate with one another. wilma™ is part of the weavix™ workforce optimization platform, so all of your data is collected and sent to a single dashboard for quick and easy analyzation of the data.”

weavix™ digitally connects your workforce by combining the necessary technology, hardware, and processes to allow companies to become more efficient, safe and effective. At its core, weavix™ provides an understanding of how your employees work, and how to best leverage their utilization to reach greater organizational goals.

PK Solutions is the in-house development arm of PK Companies, and consists of over 32 developers, software architects, business intelligence, data-management and customer support professionals.

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