’s ApeFest Adventure: A Journey of Innovation and Community’s ApeFest Adventure: A Journey of Innovation and Community had the distinct pleasure of attending ApeFest, the annual celebration that has quickly become the epicenter of NFT culture and innovation. This year’s event was a spectacular showcase of the industry’s brightest stars, including BAYC, YugaLabs, Sandbox, and Memeland by 9GAG. It was a festival that went beyond mere celebration; it was a testament to the burgeoning ecosystem these giants have nurtured.

Networking with the Greats:

Our experience was enriched by the opportunity to meet and converse with David Evans, the General Manager of BAYC, and Eric Reid, General Manager of The Otherside at YugaLabs. These interactions were not just meet-and-greets; they were deep dives into the future of the NFT space, guided by some of its most influential leaders.

Experience Booth Extravaganza:

The Experience Booth was a hub of activity, where we had the chance to play DJ & Degends and explore Metropolis Alpha. It was a hands-on demonstration of the immersive experiences that the metaverse has to offer, and we were right at the heart of it, mixing tracks and traversing digital landscapes.

Opening Insights:

The opening talks by Garga.Eth and Eric from YugaLabs set a visionary tone for ApeFest. Their insights into the future of NFTs and the metaverse were not just thought-provoking; they were a clarion call to all attendees to think bigger and bolder about the potential of this space.

Encounters with Visionaries:

One highlight of our ApeFest journey was meeting Yat Siu, the CEO of Animoca Brands. His perspective on blockchain’s role in the digital future was as enlightening as it was inspiring, and it was clear that we were in the presence of someone who is shaping the very fabric of the industry.

Metropolis Gameplay:

Our gameplay experience in Metropolis, part of The Otherside, was a standout moment. It was a vivid demonstration of how virtual worlds can create a sense of belonging and community, and we were thrilled to be part of it.

Engaging Conference Talks:

The Open House on the second day featured talks with Ray, the founder of Memeland and 9GAG, and Lorenzo, the CTO of Pudgy Penguins. These sessions were a deep dive into the mechanics of community building and the technical challenges of running a successful NFT project.

The Exclusive BMW Experience:

One of the most exclusive and talked-about experiences was the BMW showcase. As one of the 250 privileged Ape holders, our Ape was displayed in the car, symbolizing the unique crossover between NFTs and luxury branding.

Merch Frenzy and the Hacker Troll:

The demand for ApeFest merchandise reached fever pitch, with attendees waiting up to five hours to get their hands on the limited-edition items. The situation was exacerbated by a hacker who trolled the online shop, buying up stock to create a shortage. This left many in a state of FOMO, standing in long lines with the hope of securing their merchandise, only to walk away empty-handed. It was a stark reminder of the high stakes and intense passion that surrounds exclusive NFT events like ApeFest.

Learnings from ApeFest: Revolutionizing NFTs and Gaming

ApeFest unveiled a mobile gaming future, diverging from HV-MTL to introduce a unique, skill-based experience. The integration of 10K RTKF into The Otherside highlights a seamless NFT ecosystem, while Metropolis’ alpha testing at the event showcased YugaLabs’ dedication to immersive gameplay.

Expanding NFT utility, Ape holders will soon license their digital assets for product creation, thanks to YugaLabs’ new IP initiatives. The Sandbox’s announcement of a mobile app launch promises to widen community access, further solidifying the NFT world’s reach.

The immediate sell-out of ApeFest merchandise underscored the community’s fervor and connection to the event. These developments from ApeFest signal a vibrant, evolving future for NFT engagement.


As ApeFest drew to a close, it was clear that had not just attended an event; we had experienced a cultural phenomenon. From the insightful talks to the exclusive experiences and the intense merchandise frenzy, ApeFest was a microcosm of the NFT world’s vibrancy and potential. We left with a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the future of NFTs and the blockchain space.’s journey through ApeFest was a testament to the power of community and innovation in the NFT space. We’re grateful for the memories, the insights, and the connections made. Until next year, ApeFest, we’ll carry the spirit of this event with us as we continue to explore the ever-evolving landscape of digital assets.