‘Enyo is leading technological innovation in Nigeria’s downstream sector’

*Enyo’s CEO, Abayomi Awobokun and some company personnel.

Michael James

Lagos — Keeping businesses afloat in the downstream oil and gas sector has become extremely tough. A lot of companies have divested and the few existing ones have reduced their labour force to stay in business. In a space of three years, two of Nigeria’s biggest indigenous players in the downstream sector sold out their interests. It is instructive for both current and prospective players in the sector to explore opportunities in innovation. It is never enough to ‘just sell fuel’. Downstream companies need to start selling innovation and excellent customer experience.

Interestingly, new entrants in the sector are already demonstrating the possibilities of changing the industry with technology led innovations. Early this year, Enyo Retail and Supply, an indigenous oil and gas company declared its resolution to disrupt fuel retailing in Nigeria and subsequently launched the ‘Fuelled by Trust – 1 litre is 1 litre’ initiative. By investing in technology and mulled by trust, the company has taken a massive step away from the orthodox fuel retailing practices in Nigeria. This approach is in a bid to change the narratives surrounding the downstream sector about unethical fuel dispensing practices in the country. In the past few months, Enyo has tremendously scaled up operations and expand its businesses by entrenching higher operational efficiency, less downtime and optimum safety.

To this effect, the Chief Executive Officer of Enyo, Abayomi Awobokun, indicated that technological innovation is the major differentiator that Enyo is striving on. “We see already existing downstream stations slipping into becoming too comfortable and forgetting to come up with new ideas. We are not here to just sell petroleum products to our customers, we are conscious of customers’ satisfaction, and to this effect, we are investing in smart stations.” Other than fuel retailing which is the company’s mainstay, Enyo has introduced value added products at its stations such as the ‘Reelax’ – Enyo’s bespoke convenience store where customers can shop as they refill.

The company has also initiated the establishment of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) centre for children which is conducive for learning about robotics, 3D printing, everyday technology, solar energy and its uses.

In a move to address the peculiarities of consumers in the downstream sector, Enyo has initiated a mobile-enabled diesel request and delivery service called Diesel2Door. This service was established to deliver seamless requests and delivery of diesel within 24 hours across the country. Clearly, the Diesel2Door, would in the long-term, become the most reliable solution of diesel delivery for all categories of diesel consumers.

Enyo’s CEO, Abayomi Awobokun, foresees the company providing a 24-hour service in the near future with a combination of pumps such that consumers can either serve themselves or be served by attendants. Enyo’s strategic entrance into the nation’s downstream sector and consistency in disrupting the sector is a much-needed revolution in the petroleum industry.

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