Frank Miller: Using Innovation and Critical Thinking to Bring the Real Estate Industry to the Next Level

While creating a lasting legacy in an industry is an impressive accomplishment, not everyone will pursue this admirable undertaking. After all, it can be an arduous journey that requires passion, commitment, and perseverance. Yet despite facing various challenges, one esteemed young man has successfully made a significant impact that helped boost the real estate scene — Frank Miller. The inspiring individual is a serial entrepreneur who has devoted his time to empowering others. He started his career when he was only 11 years old by starting his first consumer tech venture. Since then, he’s continued to hone his expertise which eventually led him to the world of real estate three years ago. Even though he was quite new to the industry, the visionary quickly saw several gaps and areas for improvement. Specifically, he saw that realtors and real estate agents often have difficulties closing a deal, even after coming across numerous leads. This observation inspired him to create SimplifyREI, an innovative enterprise where real estate brokers and agents can manage their leads in one centralized location. The trailblazing platform provides users with access to custom workflow automations for lead management and conversion. It also uses advanced technology and insightful features that are instrumental in closing and finalizing these prospective transactions. On top of having a superb system that allows real estate businesses to prosper, what makes the venture stand out is its dedication to the community. It conducts one-on-one sessions with each client to ensure that all of them will receive proper help and targeted strategies that fit their unique needs and business model. Ultimately, SimplifyREI is committed to seeing the community of hardworking real estate professionals grow and thrive. Proudly sharing what motivated him to develop such an excellent enterprise, Miller explained, “I get joy from seeing others succeed with what we install into their business.” Because of his great vision and the undeniable contributions of SimplifyREI, the founder has solidified his reputation as an industry authority in real estate. But, in addition, his exquisite work ethic allows the outstanding entrepreneur to achieve such renown. Moreover, he possesses an incredible philosophy that values critical thinking and truth-seeking. “When stuck between clashing perspectives, remain open-minded. The goal shouldn’t be to convince the other party you are right, but to find out which view is true and decide what to do about it,” he explained. And when asked to share a key piece of advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, he profoundly answered, “Your habits determine your lifestyle. And, your environment is more important than you realize. And if your habits are shaped by the people around you, then it’s especially important to pick who those people are. It’s okay to ask for help. The best lessons are learned through failure.” As Miller continues to move forward, he hopes to scale SimplifyREI’s influence by releasing its proprietary applications to the public within the next 12 to 15 months. Additionally, he also plans to branch out and execute his idea of using artificial intelligence in the enterprise’s future programs.