Generative AI and Creative Innovation go hand in hand! All you need to know

Generative AI and Creative Innovation go hand in hand! All you need to know

In the era of gaming and up roaring and stealing the headlines, a sleeping giant in creative technology has been awakened. AI assistive forms such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have given the technology a major foundational basis on human soft skills, and behavioural patterns which led to new creative innovation. The new technology has the power to make generative AI and creative innovation go hand in hand by creating a new layer of digitalization and personalization.

To put it simply, generative AI is a technology that allows new imagery, video or audio content from the existing content. Platforms like Mid journey, Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion and recent apps like ChatGPT, and Lensa AI have started to gain traction.

As the focus of this technology shifts away from the creative technology community and into the hands of the general public, there are several factors we need to consider.

From Creative Technologists to The Mainstream

We are at the tipping point at this moment where technology goes from being dominant to the digital artists, and creative technology community to something that everyone wants to play with.

India is a very adaptive and fresh market. The country may not be 100% on the quality content but the consumption rate in India is very high that consumers would be enamoured by the product itself.

Social platforms can be the key to moving technologies like VR and AR into the mainstream. As these put the technology into the hands of masses that have the potential to spread around the world.  For an instance, if you look at what Snapchat did for AR, it had begun with a user-friendly interface providing a wide range of impressive filters which helped influencers to use for their digital content creation.

AI is used by concept artists and creatives to convert ideas into conceptual art. It’s always the humans who generate the ideas and the generative AI will become a smart assistant to create interactive content.

Unsolved Issue of Copyright and AI

As we can see there is a huge backlash going on against AI selfie Apps in social media. And there is also a huge copyright repercussion for generative AI. When you are generating some content using AI its real intelligence is mostly zeros and one’s. Then the data is fed into a deep-learning algorithm. And from there, AI picks up all the elements and connects them together to make them look unique.

Plagiarism must be absolutely condemned and copyright must be respected for one’s personal data and artists. A lot of internet laws are still being written and the metaverse law book hasn’t even started. These changes will not slow down the adoption of innovation as it hasn’t in most other fast-moving tech trends.

Generative AI Has the Possibility to Change Content Forever

With generative AI you can put your power back into the consumer’s hands because it no longer has to be a story and people can personalise it. We could allow stories to be explained from different viewpoints, and characters if we start to think about what’s possible in a few years. This technology also allows people to create narratives as they see them.

Fixing The Short Attention Span on Digital Content

According to consumer patterns, the attention span on digital content has dipped due to the abundance of content. You don’t want to spend time on social or digital platforms if you haven’t created or interacted with the content. That is the stumbling block that everyone wishes to overcome.

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