Hostkicker India acquires Half-Million-Dollar Investment: Fuels Innovation and Growth

Hostkicker India acquires Half-Million-Dollar Investment: Fuels Innovation and Growth

Founded in 2018, Hostkicker, India’s leading cloud hosting company, has taken a significant leap forward by securing a substantial half-million-dollar investment. This remarkable investment sets the stage for Hostkicker’s exciting journey to transform the web hosting landscape.

Embracing the ‘Make in India’ Initiative:

Hostkicker is more than a hosting company; it’s an embodiment of the ‘Make in India’ vision. Launched in 2014 by the Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the ‘Make in India’ initiative aims to facilitate investment, foster innovation, enhance manufacturing infrastructure, and ease of doing business. Hostkicker shares this vision and is committed to using the newly acquired funding to develop in-house marketing tools that enhance the customer experience.

Empowering Businesses with Innovative Tools:

Hostkicker is all about innovation and customer empowerment. They’re working on a range of new products and services to revolutionize how businesses connect and communicate with their audiences. These upcoming tools include an email marketing platform and a native ads platform.

The Email Marketing Tool:

Hostkicker’s email marketing tool will provide an intuitive and efficient way to manage campaigns. It will deliver targeted content through automated sequences and offer detailed performance analytics. This tool is poised to empower businesses to reach their audience precisely, delivering the right message at the right time.

The Native Ads Platform:

The native ads platform by Hostkicker will seamlessly integrate relevant advertising into its content, ensuring a superior user experience and higher engagement. Customizable ad appearances, coupled with algorithm-driven recommendations, will significantly boost conversion rates and revenue. It is a medium that enables publishers and advertisers to fulfil their advertising goals by integrating advertisements with web content.

Comprehensive Solutions for Success:

Hostkicker understands that success in the digital age requires more than just hosting services. To address this, they’re crafting tools that will empower businesses to a new level. These tools are a testament to Hostkicker’s commitment to enhancing their customers’ marketing strategies and delivering the best possible solutions for their online success.

FREE of COST Customer Engagement Tool – AdviceOnClick:

As a testament to their dedication, Hostkicker offers a free push notification tool called AdviceOnClick to its customers. With this invaluable tool, customers can send unlimited push notifications tailored to their unique vision, absolutely Ad-free. It’s all about delivering the right message to the right audience at precisely the right moment.

Proven Results:

AdviceOnClick has already demonstrated its effectiveness. A leading e-commerce company, a Hostkicker customer, used AdviceOnClick to send push alerts to its website users. This resulted in a remarkable 20% increase in website engagement. Targeted and personalized push notifications enabled the company to increase its sales and conversions significantly.

Future Outlook:

Hostkicker’s commitment to innovation and customer success continues beyond here. The email marketing tool and native ads platform will redefine customer interactions and online monetization. The email marketing tool promises intuitive campaign management and detailed performance analytics, while the native ads platform seamlessly integrates relevant ads for a better user experience and increased engagement.

Hostkicker – Your Partner in Progress:

Hostkicker isn’t just a hosting company; it’s your partner in progress, your bridge to success in the digital age. With a half-million-dollar boost and a commitment to innovation, Hostkicker is propelling into new realms of business development. Its free push notification tool, AdviceOnClick, is already making waves, increasing website engagement and customer conversions.

A Brighter, Bolder Digital Future

As Hostkicker sets new standards, it invites you to join them on this extraordinary journey into a brighter, bolder, and even better digital future. Get ready for a world where innovation meets hosting excellence. Hostkicker is here to take you there.