“HygieneMerit” offers innovation in cleaning industry

They call themselves the one-stop-shop for custodial services in healthcare facilities.  With extensive experience, “HygieneMerit” has made its way to the states with its location in San Antonio.

Founder and CEO, Ricardo A. Gonzalez, said the company is backed with over 10 years of combined experience in the cleaning industry.  “HygieneMerit” is unlike other companies because of the multiple facility management services provided under one contract with a single point of contact.

Founded in San Antonio, Texas, the business has always followed a philosophy of professionalism and emphasis on the creation of value shaped by their faith in God.  “Everyone says they are professional cleaners but you have to prove it,” Gonzalez said.  “The professional ability stems” from experience, specialized knowledge in field and high quality work by training the crew with best practices on the industry.

HygieneMerit’s highly trained staff certainly prides themselves on their innovative equipment and solutions.  The advanced cleaning system, according to Gonzalez, has the ability to show just how clean surfaces are by detecting the level of microbial contamination in just seconds.  “We are very transparent, very honest and we can prove with these measurements that we are actually cleaning better than our competitors,” he said.

Their most significant clients are healthcare buildings.  Gonzalez said he noticed most facilities were not very knowledgeable about who cleaned after hours and what types of products were being used. With “HygieneMerit”, the crew is specifically trained on how to sanitize using environmentally preferable and non-toxic products.

Each job that “HygieneMerit” performs is tailored to the customer and their specific needs.  “What is cleaning?  It’s a very broad term,” Gonzalez said.  “First, we need to define what their expectations are and what we can offer them by using a program that has been successfully implemented in over 380 million sq.ft. in more than 6,000 buildings.”

As a Better Business Bureau certified company, “HygieneMerit” adds value to their program by offering a continuous improvement research evaluation to ensure customers are satisfied. This thorough review provides documentation of time and movement analysis, work routines of cleaning staff, activity plans and even training documents completed by employees.

For more information and to schedule your next cleaning appointment, visit the website at  or call (210)334-4333.

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