Innovation and Collaboration for COVID-19 Response in East Africa |

The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise. But it is in our own hands how we react to it.

Now is the time to do things differently: to create new tools, ways and partnerships. It is the time to innovate, collaborate and co-create for successful response to the pandemic and the challenges it creates. It is not “either-or” with innovations and collaboration – they depend on each other.

We warmly welcome you to join our online event “Innovation and Collaboration for COVID-19 Response in East Africa”. With concrete cases, the event depicts how NGOs – working closely with community and institutional level actors – can find solutions to societal challenges. Experts from East Africa and Finland will bring up case examples from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. The event also describes the crucial role of NGOs in the innovation ecosystem.

The event is organized by Fingo Powerbank in collaboration with Fida International, Felm, Finn Church Aid (FCA) and the Finnish Foundation for Media and Development.

Date: May 28th

Time: 13–16 (EAT/GMT+2)

13.00–14.30 Main session
14.30–14.40 Break
14.40–15.30 Q&A
15.30–16.00 Networking (optional)

Who are the organizers?

Fingo Powerbank is a project coordinated by the Finnish development NGOs – Fingo. Fingo Powerbank aims to increase the civil society’s capacity in three areas: innovations, technology solutions and corporate collaboration. ( &

Felm is one of the first development actors in Finland – established in 1859  As an NGO operating internationally, Felm has worked in development cooperation in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland for over forty years. The Felm development cooperation program 2018–2021 promotes the rights of people who face discrimination, advances social and economic justice and builds peace and reconciliation. (

The Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (in Finnish Vikes) is journalists’ solidarity organization devoted to strengthening democracy and active civil society by supporting freedom of expression, quality journalism and media diversity around the world.

Finn Church Aid is the largest Finnish NGO in international aid. The NGO operates in 13 countries, where the needs are most dire. We work with the poorest people, regardless of their religious beliefs, ethnic background or political convictions.