Innovation in Laboratory Equipment for solid dosage forms – Multilab all-in-one! | Pharma Excipients

Glatt MultiLab. The first all in one solution for your lab scale OSD process. Maximum flexibility: All OSD processes are possible, future processes are easy to integrate, perfect space saving foot print for laboratories – fits through any standard doors. Check the video for more information.

MultiLab mainmodule. – the heart of the system for full process control

VG.Lab process module – the flexible vertical granulator for the best process efficiency

High-shear granulation for quickly creating of compact granulates. Shorten process duration while maintaining product quality thanks to new integrated sieve technology. Various rotor designs and sieve inserts. Optional temperature controlled vessels in 5 l, 10 l, 15 l – smaller batch sizes also possible from 0.1 l using an adapter.

GPCG.Lab process module – the all-around choice for all process options in the fluidized bed

Granulation, drying, and coating process options in trusted Glatt quality. Multiple process combinations with just 6 process. Combo containers in 3 l, 6 l, and 10 l. New Multiport with inserts for TopSpray or HS Wurster for bottom and tangential spray nozzles.

GC.Lab process module – the jack of all trades for sophisticated film coating

Optimized coating at the smallest scale. Flat spray nozzle with patented ABC technology (anti bearding cap) for homogeneous, adjustable spraying with reproducible quality.

Exchangeable coating pans 2.5 l, 5 l, 9 l, 12 l for a working range of 1.3 l to 12 l.