Jackson Clinic-Baptist Campus holds Grand Opening in celebration of innovation and quality care

Jackson Clinic-Baptist Campus holds Grand Opening in celebration of innovation and quality care

The Jackson Clinic and Baptist Memorial Healthcare welcomed a host of community members to the Grand Opening of their new outpatient campus on Monday.

The Jackson Clinic-Baptist campus has a goal of innovation meeting quality care to provide top notch care for all of West Tennessee.

When planning the new building out, leadership wanted to ensure that the facility was easy to navigate, well equipped for staff, and could offer the latest technology in order to provide the most advanced surgeries and procedures while offering the best patient experience possible.

Susan Breeden, Administrator and Chief Executive Officer at Baptist Memorial Hospital- Carroll County, expressed her pride and excitement about the new opportunities being brought to West Tennessee.

“We are so proud to provide unparalleled care in our Jackson and West Tennessee area,” said Breeden. “We believe that this will make a significant difference in the access to quality care in West Tennessee, and we’re glad you’re here to help us celebrate that milestone.”

Jason Little, President and Chief Executive Officer at Baptist Memorial Health Care, spoke on the excitement that he has in partnering with the Jackson Clinic. Despite not need them to continue with the project, The Jackson Clinic asked Baptist to be partners in this endeavor.

“This building, at least from my perspective, and the care that’s going to happen inside really happened with two things,” said Little. “An invitation and a vision.

After about an hour of talking about healthcare, we (Baptist and the Jackson Clinic) realized what a shared vision we had together. So they (The Jackson Clinic) invited Baptist to participate in that shared vision here in Jackson and we are so excited.”

Mark Allen, Chief Executive Officer at the Jackson Clinic, spoke about the future mindedness of his facility and their partnership with Baptist.

“It’s a pleasure to get up every day and work for folks that are future minded and really want what’s in the best interest of the patient,” said Allen. “When we started looking for a partner we needed a partner who was likeminded, had a similar vision and a similar mission – and Baptist – being in West Tennessee for the last 100 plus years with their service to others mission was something that really drew us to Baptist.”

The campus is located at 145 Innovation Drive, and will start seeing patients on November 14.

The Jackson Clinic-Baptist Campus will feature the following departments:

1st Floor:

  • Audiology (moving from the Physician’s Tower)
  • Cardiac Testing (moving from the Physician’s Tower)
  • Infusion (moving from the Physician’s Tower)
  • Ophthalmology (moving from North Campus)
  • Physical Therapy (opening Fall 2023)
  • Retail Pharmacy (opening Fall 2023)
  • Women’s Imaging (moving from North Campus)

2nd Floor:

  • Cardiology (moving from Physician’s Tower)
  • ENT (moving from Physician’s Tower)
  • General Surgery (moving from Physician’s Tower)
  • OB/GYN (moving from North Campus)
  • Plastic Surgery (moving from 87B Murray Guard Dr)
  • Podiatry (moving from Physician’s Tower)
  • Urology (moving from Physician’s Tower)

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