Law Enforcement Innovation: Recognizing Leadership in Community Policing

Since 1893, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has actively shaped the future of law enforcement. And that trend continues at this year’s annual conference and exposition in Orlando. As part of the events, which will feature law enforcement technologies and leaders from around the world, Cisco is sponsoring the IACP/Cisco Leadership in Community Policing Awards.

These awards recognize agencies that have gone above and beyond to engage residents, and that have created community policing efforts that improve the quality of life for citizens. From helping to reduce crime and substance abuse, to increasing trust and cooperation, these leaders in community policing deserve our recognition for their innovative programs.

And the winners are . . .

This year’s winners of the IACP/Cisco Leadership in Community Policing Awards:

Under 20,000 population

Winner: Columbia Heights Police Department, Minnesota

For building trust and legitimacy within a neighborhood containing a significant immigrant population. The Columbia Heights Police Department instituted a multi-disciplinary approach, including diversifying their workforce, and built a neighborhood center/part-time substation where officers could talk to residents in their native language, engage youth, and introduce social services.

20,001-50,000 Population

Winner: Sand Springs Police Department, Oklahoma

For creating a policing plan that inspired a community-oriented policing environment to foster trust, align policies with the community’s values, embrace technology, prioritize community engagement, invest in training, and focus on the well-being of officers. Sand Springs officers and the public have direct input into the annually produced plan, resulting in organizational and community buy-in.

50,001-100,000 Population

Winner: Gloucester Township Police Department, New Jersey

For implementing a community-wide violence-prevention program titled “3rd Gear Policing,” which led to the creation of the Juvenile Unit Huddle (JU Huddle) and the Substance Abuse Visionary Effort (SAVE) Program. These programs helped the Gloucester Township Police Department examine every call for service involving a juvenile in an effort to identify the cause of the issue, identify trusted adults in the juveniles’ lives, and then provide discreet assistance for the juveniles. Together, they have minimized repeat runaway violations while helping juveniles reduce violence, increase academic potential, reduce substance abuse, and avoid a lifetime in the criminal justice system.

100,001-250,000 Population

Winner: Tallahassee Police Department, Florida

For embracing community policing to build trust and legitimacy, while suppressing crime. This has been achieved through several initiatives, including a citizen-based program called Neighborhood Public Safety Initiative, Operation Safe Neighborhood that promotes community engagement, and Community Oriented Policing and Problem-Solving Squads that provide long-term follow-up. Together, these Tallahassee Police Department programs have led to dramatic decreases in violent crime and property crime.

250,000+ Population

Winner: Plymouth County Outreach, Massachusetts

The Plymouth County Outreach is a collaboration among dozens of regional law enforcement agencies, and the district attorney’s office designed to help those suffering from substance use disorders. This includes partnerships with area healthcare, treatment, and recovery facilities plus local coalitions and faith-based communities. Together, these diverse groups work to promote various points of access to treatment while offering caring, compassionate support for those impacted.

The future of community policing

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s IACP/Cisco Leadership in Community Policing Awards – and law enforcement leaders around the world who are innovating in an effort to secure and protect citizens.

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