LLEP launches taskforce promoting innovation to support economic growth – East Midlands Business Link

The Leicester and Leicestershire Business Collaboration Ltd. (LLEP) has released business Entrance Concepts Taskforce to support financial development through promoting development.

Today organisations are confronted with scenarios that were inconceivable simply six months earlier. But there are methods that many can continue to run through development.

Every effective company is based on a great concept, and ideas are vital to development. The Business Gateway Concepts Taskforce has actually been produced to ensure that excellent company concepts can see the light of day, and get the support they need to become reality.

The Concepts Taskforce has been developed in response to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Regional Entrepreneurship Velocity Program (ENJOY). MIT is one of the world’s leading universities, and the LLEP was among just 6 Regional Business Partnerships chosen by the UK Department of Company, Energy and commercial Method (BEIS) to take part in the program.

MIT REAP is developed to assist regions accelerate economic growth and job production through innovation-driven entrepreneurship. The Ideas Taskforce is the avenue for MIT GAIN activities, combining five key stakeholder groups (government, universities, large corporates, business owners and risk capital). It will specify how organisations can be assisted to innovate, survive and flourish post-Covid19, and establish a long-term vision of future regional financial development as part of the LLEP Economic Healing Group.

Members of the Concepts Taskforce include agents from Natwest, the British Business Bank, PPL PRS Ltd, RSM, Loughborough, Leicester and De Montfort Universities, Innovate UK and regional SME’s, DPI Ltd and Aristec Ltd.

. Companies will be frequently updated about the Taskforce’s efforts and assistance activities through business Entrance Growth Center.

A survey of Innovative Leicester and Leicestershire services is currently underway to help figure out the preliminary direction of the Ideas Taskforce.

Neil McGhee, LLEP Board member said: “Dealing with MIT has actually already provided genuine benefits for companies in Leicester and Leicestershire, and the MIT GAIN initiative has actually developed a great platform for regional collaboration and a catalyst for modification.

“The LLEP and Company Gateway Development Center are happy to have actually had such favorable support from the Universities, Financing Institutions, Corporate Company, Innovate UK and SMEs in the development of the Ideas Taskforce.

“The Concepts Taskforce has to do with establishing fresh new ideas and brand-new ways of working within the development ecosystem, to favorably benefit our economy. Bringing together such an essential group of stakeholders to develop these methods will convey tangible benefits for organisations in Leicester and Leicestershire and the delivery of the LLEP Economic Healing Strategy.”

Anjuu Trevedi is Head of Regional Business Engagement and a member of the Organisation Gateway Ideas Taskforce. She said: “I’m extremely delighted and honoured to have the chance to work collegiately with public and economic sector stakeholders to support the Ideas Taskforce on behalf of the University of Leicester.

“Membership of the Taskforce will enable the University to jointly identify and establish new ideas to enhance the development ecosystem, to positively benefit our area. It will also help us to predict future service requires to benefit the economy of Leicester and Leicestershire.

“The supreme goal is for Leicester and Leicestershire to become a leading area for development, which will supply the essential climate for businesses to recover post-Covid and prosper in future.”