Mando Wins CES 2022 Innovation Award for Its Cutting-Edge Brake System (IDB2 HAD)

The IDB2 HAD is an eco-friendly product. Most brake systems available in the market are composed of ESC (electronic stability control), master booster, vacuum pump, etc., while being mechanically connected to the brake pedal. The braking kicks in only by a driver’s input and the braking force gets generated through the hydraulic line. This design requires a large space in the engine room while needing longer time for assembly. Mando achieved weight reduction and manufacturing optimization by integrating these individual components into one single-box design. To sum up, IDB2 HAD an ecofriendly product with a significant reduction in carbon emissions. “I Do Believe” is another interpretation of the term IDB by the company. Like the ‘firm belief’ of the Development Team engineers of the Mando Brake Business Unit, the IDB2 HAD has all the elements of freedom (full self-driving), safety (dual safety), and eco-friendliness (by wire)

Mando’s EV and full self-driving solution technology was once again recognized globally winning a CES 2022 Innovation Award. The company plans to introduce a new concept ‘BbW (brake by wire)’ product equipped with the IDB2 HAD to the public in 2023.

About Mando

Mando Corporation (KS 204320) is a leading global automotive parts supplier, specialized in xEV and autonomous driving solutions with an A grade in the MSCI (2021) ESG ratings. The company was founded in 1962 and is headquartered in the Republic of Korea. Mando offers state of the art driving systems (Brake, Steering, Suspension, Propulsion, Power solutions) along with Software solutions for vehicle manufacturers and newly emerging mobility service providers in three technology domains of vehicle integrated safety, autonomous driving and electric mobility that allows vehicles to intuitively sense, deliberate and move cleverly. Mando serves over sixty (60) customers from over 50 locations worldwide, which encompasses local and global automakers in every major region of the world. Mando is pursuing a vision of creating a world where mobility can bring true freedom. For more information, visit []