Microsoft commits to reinvesting innovation in Windows 10

Microsoft spokespeople are confirming plans to bring some of Windows 10X’s innovations and features over to the existing version of Windows 10 as the company moves to refocus investment in the Windows operating system. Windows 10 and Windows 10X will co-exist side-by-side on PCs next year, and Microsoft wants to provide the best of both worlds on either platform.

Microsoft isn’t yet ready to talk about which Windows 10X features and innovations will make their way to Windows 10, but it’s likely to include some of the underlying platform improvements including faster Windows Updates and the ability to run legacy Win32 programs securely in a sandboxed environment. Microsoft tell us that it will begin talking more about these plans over the summer and into the fall.

Windows 10X itself isn’t expected to be ready until next year. Microsoft isn’t committing to a timeframe just yet, but it’s hoping to have Windows 10X ready for single-screen PCs in the first half of 2021. Over the course of this year, Microsoft will begin to detail which Windows 10X features are coming to Windows 10, and how it plans to differentiate between the two versions.

Renewed investment in Windows 10