Mogiana Presents Coffee Innovation at Beanstock Coffee Festival – Good Life Vancouver

Mundo Novo Coffee and Mogiana Present Coffee Innovation at Beanstock Coffee Festival

Mundo Novo Coffee Roasters will present the newest innovation in coffee processing, Anaerobic Coffee, at Vancouver’s Beanstock Coffee Festival on August 20 and 21, 2022. Aerobic fermentation, where oxygen is present, is the most common method of coffee processing, whereas Anaerobic is just the opposite of that, contact with air and oxygen is removed. This unique method allows the development of exotic flavours that surprise cuppers with every slurp off the spoon.

Mundo Novo and their sister company Mogiana grow their coffee on co-owner Cristina Dias’ family farm in Brazil, where they have been growing coffee beans for over 120 years. Many of the sustainable farming methods used by her great, great grandfather when he first began cultivating this land are still in practice. Fair treatment of the land, employees, and the surrounding environment was always, and still is, of the utmost importance

This weekend at Vancouver’s Beanstock Coffee Festival, held at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown, Mundo Novo Coffee Roasters will feature two different varietals of anaerobic coffees. Guests can also sample specialty coffees from their sister company – Mogiana Coffee – from the lush volcanic valleys of Brazil. Look forward to sampling Tuca Dias and Neto Fante (Fazenda Santa Alina), a Yellow Bourbon, a coffee that was a Cup of Excellence (the world’s most prestigious coffee competition) finalist. You’ll find flavour notes of red wine, cherry, and blood orange in this extremely limited edition. Also look for their Tribeca Cafes Especiais, which comes from a friend’s family farm, a Yellow Catuai, with tasting notes of pineapple, lime, and apricot.

Mogiana’s coffees can be found at many specialty stores throughout the Lower Mainland and at Farmer’s Markets. Locations & Dates are available online.  The roasters also provide wholesale, private label, and co-op coffee roasting all under one roof and have an education centre with coffee training, R&D, and people development.

Co-Owners Cristina Dias and Carlos Bertin are available for interviews. Please let us know if you wish to talk to them more about this new method of coffee processing, the family’s commitment to sustainability and fair trade, or anything coffee related.