National Geographic AI For Earth Innovation 2021 – Opportunities Circle

Eligibility Criteria :

Here are some of the topics you can write on
Extreme weather events, wildlife trafficking, rising sea levels, increasing demands for agricultural and urban development, higher global temperatures, and increased acidity of the oceans are among the threats to the natural systems and the biodiversity on which we depend. Basically, the proposed work should address one or more of the topics below and create generalizable and scalable tools that can be used by other environmental researchers and conservationists.

Biodiversity: Biodiversity around the world is declining rapidly. AI can help us understand and address challenges like these:

Human-wildlife conflict
Introduction and spread of invasive species
Loss of habitat, including agricultural and urban encroachment
Discovery, identification and distribution of species
Poaching and wildlife trafficking
Climate change: countries and communities around the world are engaged in climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience efforts. AI can help in areas like these:

Understand and quantify carbon sequestration
Monitoring and understanding of afforestation / reforestation efforts
Identification of fire risks and ways to mitigate damage.
Extreme weather and climate modeling
Sustainable land use change
Resistance to shocks caused by extreme events (e.g. droughts, floods, other natural disasters)