National Technology Day: Igniting the path to innovation for CIOs, ET CIO

National Technology Day: Igniting the path to innovation for CIOs, ET CIO

In the ever-evolving world of technology, every year on May 11th, India celebrates National Technology Day. It is a day to honor and recognize the remarkable achievements of Indian scientists, engineers, and technologists who have played a pivotal role in shaping the country’s technological landscape.

As we embrace this occasion, ETCIO delves into the thoughts and perspectives of CIOs from various industries, understanding how National Technology Day influences their mindset regarding investments in technology.

Gopi Thangavel, Senior Vice President at Reliance Industries Limited: Greater focus on innovation

As technology rapidly advances, CIOs must stay at the forefront of the latest developments and identify opportunities for innovation. National Technology Day serves as a reminder of the importance of embracing new technologies and seeking breakthroughs within our organizations. We need to think beyond day-to-day operations and explore how technology can transform customer interactions, ultimately contributing to our organization’s bottom lineGopi Thangavel, Senior Vice President at Reliance Industries Limited
The technology is evolving every day from SMAC (social, mobility, analytics, cloud) to block chain to Metaverse to generative AI. It’s creating an exciting and challenging environment for CIOs. It allows us to create impact, learn new things, and grow, but it also requires us to balance day-to-day operations with the adoption of new technologies and the potential return on investment. For 2023, as normalization is happening and businesses are looking for higher growth, CIOs will have to find ways to balance having a stable and scalable technology setup to meet the business growth, and contextualize the technology setup as per evolving customer needs and expectations.Vipin Gupta, CIO, Starbucks
The technology landscape in India has witnessed significant growth, with a shift towards product development and innovation. As we celebrate National Technology Day, it is essential to recognize the critical role technology plays in our lives. By investing in technology, we can create differentiated experiences for our users and partners, providing seamless and immersive solutions. This day serves as a catalyst for us to continue investing in research and development, fostering an environment that nurtures innovation and propels us towards further growthRaghu Krishnananda, CPTO, Myntra
The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of critical technology trends, leading to the transformation of CIOs’ roles and responsibilities. We have shifted from being IT suppliers to enablers, staying connected with the core business. National Technology Day reminds us of the achievements of Indian scientists and the value they have created by applying technology to solve real-world problems. It serves as a source of inspiration for us to continue fostering a mindset of learning, unlearning, and relearning and to make the right decisions in a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguityKiran Belsekar, Senior Vice President, CISO, and IT Governance, Aegon Life Insurance
The technology landscape has evolved rapidly, and digital transformation has become a necessity across industries. CIOs are now at the forefront, driving profitability, reducing costs, and creating unique differentiation in the market. Cybersecurity has become a focal point as digitization and digitalization increase enterprise risks. As we celebrate National Technology Day with the theme of an integrated approach in science and technology for a sustainable future, we are reminded of the responsibility to leverage technology for the benefit of everyone while ensuring a sustainable futureVinod Bhat, CIO, Vistara
The day serves as a powerful reminder of the crucial role technology plays in our lives and its potential to address challenges and drive progress. It celebrates technology’s achievements, inspiring increased investments in research and development, infrastructure, technology-focused industries, core modernization, and new ventures. National Technology Day fosters an environment conducive to revolution and growthSatya Kaliki, CTO, Infra.Market
Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping us train physical and virtual robots to do our chores, and move activities that were differentiated to being undifferentiated. But it’s not just robots and AI that are shaking things up. New technologies like blockchain, virtual reality, and augmented reality are also coming to the forefront and changing the game. AI will continue to become more sophisticated, with applications ranging from customer service chatbots to self-driving cars, while blockchain will provide a secure and decentralized platform for transactions and data sharingGiridhar Yasa, Chief Technology Officer at Lendingkart
  • Published On May 10, 2023 at 04:06 PM IST

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