Our annual Crazy Lab Days celebrate creativity and team innovation

Our annual Crazy Lab Days celebrate creativity and team innovation

We are excited to hold our third annual Crazy Lab Days in Wroclaw, Poland. This event encourages Unit4 employees from all over the world to put forward ideas for new product and service developments. It has grown in popularity and this year we received more than 30 strong ideas via video pitch, which our judging panel had to whittle down to the best that would go forward to Wroclaw. Due to the level and number of entries, we decided to increase the teams competing this year from five to seven.

Team innovation is the backbone of our business and this event is designed to encourage creative thinking and teamwork. We believe that by encouraging employees to stand out and put forward new ideas, we’re creating a powerful in-house think tank to drive our growth and differentiation. What’s great about Crazy Lab Days is that it promotes innovation in a supportive atmosphere where people are encouraged to express their ideas, take risks and experiment. It promotes openness between individuals and teams and drives home to the business that everyone can help drive innovation, not just those with a long list of qualifications. Crazy Lab Days shows that good ideas can come from anywhere.  

From new bot functionality in our digital assistant Wanda, to blockchain use cases in our Business World ERP solution, the ideas this year are once again many and varied.

The teams will gather in Wroclaw from 5 – 9 November to turn their ideas into prototypes and after four days of hard work, they will present their prototypes at an awards ceremony.

We’ll be posting regular updates on our social media channels if you’d like to follow progress. Good luck to everyone involved – have a great event!

Claus Jepsen

Claus Jepsen is a technology expert who has been fascinated by the micro-computer revolution ever since he received a Tandy TRS model 1 at the age of 14. Since then, Claus has spent the last few decades developing and architecting software solutions, most recently at Unit4, where he leads our focus on enabling the post-modern enterprise. Claus is building cloud-based, super-scalable solutions and bringing innovative technologies such as AI, chatbots, and predictive analytics to ERP. He is a strong believer that having access to vast amounts of data allows us to construct better, non-intrusive and pervasive solutions to improve our experiences, relieve us from tedious chores, and allow us focus on what we as individuals really love doing.