Possibilities, innovation and hands-on experience draw Rising Star to Canadian oil and gas sector – JWN Energy

Seventeen years earlier, aiming engineer Farheen Akbar left her native Bangladesh– where few opportunities existed for the identified young lady– for Montreal in order to pursue her dream.

In spite of not speaking French and just understanding functional English, Farheen earned a degree in electric engineering from Concordia University, completed co-op internship program and finished 2 work terms at Ericsson Canada where she was hired as an integration and confirmation engineer.

Farheen and her husband, who is likewise an engineer, left Montreal to be a part of the Alberta’s thriving energy market in 2008, a move she has actually never ever been sorry for.

Farheen landed a job engineer task with Enerflex Ltd. where she worked for two years before proceeding to Tarpon Energy Providers Ltd. She ended up being associated with the construction of modular E-houses for oil and gas centers.

“It was an outstanding hands-on chance overseeing projects being built in the mod backyard,” she remembers.

Other positions followed with other engineering, procurement and other construction firms prior to landing what she explains as her dream job with Calgary-based Gas Liquids Engineering.

Farheen said she takes pleasure in not only “using several hats” but being included in all stages of a project.

Much of the company’s current contracts involve tidy tech jobs that she is particularly passionate about such as biofuels plants.

Her newest job included dealing with the control and automation group for commissioning and start-up of a sour gas plant in the Grande Prairie location.

“That job permitted me to see entire style package coming to life,” she stated. “I experienced the integration amongst procedure, mechanical, instrumentation, electrical and control systems. Which point on I was able to optimize and tune up process as needed and could truly see the distinctions my work can make. That is really rewarding.”

The was finished at the peak of the COVID pandemic.

“In this time of social and economic crisis, having a team that is driven and durable made a huge difference. We were able to complete it on schedule despite numerous intricacies. I had a fantastic mentor to direct me throughout this journey,” she stated.

Farheen stated she was brought in to the industry due to the fact that of the possibility for development. The mother of 2 says she would not have had the ability to achieve the success she has without the aid of various coaches at university and at her offices.

She said she believes Canada’s big number of gifted engineers and industry professionals will play a key role in the industry’s recovery.

As an immigrant who conquered the language and other difficulties, she stated it remains in her makeup to be flexible.

“Modification is unavoidable and how we brave through the modifications is a crucial to success,” stated Farheen. “I have actually dealt with numerous obstacles and I had to be flexible and versatile. I see the energy sector facing a comparable obstacle. As soon as we understand the engaging vision, I have no doubt the energy sector will show to be extraordinarily flexible, adaptable and able to pivot from a place of ‘artistically constructing future’ however not from ‘responding to difficulties.”

Farheen said she is dedicated to helping ladies get rid of challenges and succeed.

“Coming from a patriarchal society, it is very important to me,” she said.

She volunteers with numerous organizations consisting of the SDG hub at the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation and the Calgary Public Library. Currently Farheen sits on the Women in Entrepreneurship Day organization advisory board. She is a previous co-chair of the Women in Management Structure.

When it comes to the future of the energy industry, Farheen sees “it will be more defined by innovation and creativity than traditional methods.

She is happy of her function as an engineer and sees herself continuing to prosper in her task.

“I do not visualize a specific role or task. I am an individual that likes and wishes to drive worthwhile modification. Whatever position I remain in I will be concentrating on discovering actual time options by bringing fantastic minds together to drive options,” she stated.