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On March 27 lockdown altered the face of South Africa. In an immediate workplaces were the new no-no, and instead of leaping into the day-to-day commute we just presented of bed and into the cubicle. With Twitter having revealed that their employees can work from house permanently, a new way of life is here.

And with a modification in routines comes a change in two of life’s biggest investments – houses and automobiles. Here SA’s architects, interior designers and vehicle manufacturers unpack the trends they are seeing.

“I have actually seen a jump to house renovation in the last month,” states Tracy Levinson (PArch MIA KZN), architect from LevEco Architects. “People have actually had a chance to really live in their own space, analyse it, and create their own concepts on how to use their homes better.”

Current trends Tracy is seeing with property owners is investigation into new research study nooks or office areas, extra backyard, and restorations of the traditional granny flat – a perfect home-office area. Bigger sculleries and pantries are also the new watch-word, a place to conceal away mess, add storage space and enable less grocery shopping trips.

“It’s about discovering methods to create spaces within areas,” states Levinson. “Households are finding that it’s possible, and enjoyable, to invest more of their lives in the house.”

Together with house re-design is a motion to refurnish too.

“People are spending their money on their home spaces, treating themselves to pretty things,” says interior designer Christi Smith from Second Treasures.

“Instead of holidays, movies or shopping, these monetary items are remaining inside.”

Smith has seen a particular focus on work related items. Matching his-and-hers work desks or bigger desks for two, and where remodelling isn’t possible, re-shuffling is the secret. Brother or sisters are relocating together and swapping beds for bunk-beds, while mom or papa develop a research study at home.

In accompaniment to the house, the family automobile design, and functions, are being re-evaluated too.

“Interest in motoring development is piquing post pandemic,” states Charmagne Mavudzi, head of marketing for Volvo Cars South Africa.

“Functions that require less touching are growing in need, such as motion triggered boot spaces, where just a swing of the foot below the tailgate pops the rear door; touch-free infotainment centres that minimise surface contact and even enable control while wearing protective gloves; and keyless entry with your vehicle opening merely when you remain in range, and even popping the door for you too,” she explains.

“Whilst some design innovations may be brand-new to the market and in reaction to the hazard of the virus, most will be adaptations of, and renewed interest in, existing options. This provides individuals the flexibility of option and it means that upgrading your life to match your brand-new requirements is possible – it’s not an out of reach principle,” states Mavudzi.

“Individuals are thinking in information about how their lives deal with a daily basis, and how to design their space to alter with their growing needs. It’s an amazing time to help clients attain the optimum out of their financial investments,” includes Levinson.