RISE Corporate Innovation Summit 2023 to promote sustainable development

RISE Corporate Innovation Summit 2023 to promote sustainable development

RISE, one of the largest tech conferences in Southeast Asia, has announced the return of its Corporate Innovation Summit (CIS) 2023.

The event is scheduled for November 14-15 at Bangkok’s True Digital Park.

Themed “Accelerating Growth While Saving the World,” Corporate Innovation Summit underscores the crucial role of corporations in sustainable development. This aligns with RISE’s commitment to contribute 1 per cent of Southeast Asia’s GDP and reduce global carbon emissions by 1 per cent.

Keynote speaker Chris Cowart, Managing Director of Nomura-SRI Innovation Center, will lead the charge, accompanied by industry luminaries Lake Dai, Christopher Mowry, Michelle Khoo, Jackie Wang, and Prae Dumrongmongcolgul.

Corporate Innovation Summit 2023 boasts a robust agenda featuring over 60 sessions, including workshops, keynotes, and panels. This platform allows corporations to glean insights, forge global connections, and explore innovations presented by 60+ Deep Tech startups.

RISE CEO Kid Parchariyanon emphasises that corporations must intertwine innovation and sustainability for sustained success.

Corporate Innovation Summit 2023 will discuss and cover the following topics/themes:

Wisdom from industry leaders: Immerse in insights from leaders shaping corporate innovation, sustainability, deep technology, and the future of investment.

Navigating business landscape: Stay abreast of emerging trends to navigate the evolving business landscape.

Global networking: Expand vital global networks essential for corporate growth.

Inspiration from success stories: Draw inspiration from the journeys of successful entrepreneurs and innovators.

Corporate innovation as a global force: Explore ways in which corporate innovation can address and contribute to solving global challenges.

To learn more about the Corporate Innovation Summit, click here.

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