SWK203e: Prepare a Report that Uses the Bio Ecological model to Demonstrate that Poverty: Biological Influence in Human Behaviour Report, SUSS, Singapore

Prepare a report that uses the bioecological model to demonstrate that poverty is the result of multiple factors.

Report Presentation
With appropriate headings and subheadings, the report shall have an introduction paragraph that states the aims of the report. The main body must be supported with at least 10 journal articles that are published in the last 15 years. Of note, marks are not given to website and online textbook references that do not constitute as academically rigorous resources for the report. The report will end with a conclusion paragraph that presents a summary of the
analyzed findings.

Report Contents
(a) The main body of the report will begin with an overview of the bioecological model.

(b) With reference to the respective subsystems of the bioecological model, the report should explain how biological abnormalities leading to genetic and mental disorders predispose individuals to poverty. It will also demonstrate how other social conditions are associated with poverty. This section should inspect all five subsystems of the bioecological model. Two examples must be supplied for each subsystem.

(c) Critically examine four ways that social workers can support persons experiencing poverty in Singapore.

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