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At Johnson & Johnson Innovation, we seek to positively impact human health through innovation. As part of our goal, we are pleased to continue our new series called “The Exchange,” where we highlight our leaders and partners who are merging science and collaboration to improve people’s lives around the world.

The increasing prevalence of immune-mediated diseases all over the world is generating high demand for effective treatments in the global market, including Asia Pacific, where an increasing number of individuals are suffering with diseases such as lupus, atopic dermatitis and rheumatoid arthritis. To add to this need, current statistics show that of 30 million patients diagnosed with moderate-to-severe forms of chronic immune disease, only 5 million receive adequate therapies. Of those, only 2 million then experience adequate responsesi.

A key barrier to the development of novel therapies and treatment paradigms has been the complexity and heterogeneity of these diseases which consist of different disease states with distinct unmet medical need and biologyii. While challenging, the development of therapies it’s not impossible. Precision medicine can provide the key to explain individual variability and bring the required breakthroughsiii. This is a big area of opportunity for innovators looking to make a difference.

To delve into this topic further, we invite you to join us on Thursday, 28 October from 9:00am-10:45am (GMT +8) as we welcome experts in this space to discuss precision medicine approaches in immune-mediated diseases and the opportunities they see to make precision medicine a reality for patients. We’ll also be sharing details about the newly launched Immunology Innovations QuickFire Challenge, an opportunity for innovators in immunology to apply for grant funding, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS residency, and mentorship.

Dr. Keiko Tamai, Associate Director, Early Innovation Partnering, Japan, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, talks to the unmet need and areas of opportunity in the field of immunology, while sharing more about what you can expect from this webinar as we look to collaborate to advance potential solutions that can make a difference to patients suffering from immune-mediated diseases worldwide.


Language: English with simultaneous Chinese & Japanese translation

Opening Remarks
Keiko Tamai Keiko Tamai
Associate Director, Early Innovation Partnering, Japan, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific
Keynote Presentations
The Janssen Immunology Innovation Landscape
David Circle David M. Lee
Global Immunology Therapeutics Area Head, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Making Precision Medicine a Reality
Luke Devey Luke Devey
Vice President, Head of Translational Science, Immunology, Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson
Fireside Chat
Kevin Chen Kevin Chen
CEO and Founder, Elixiron Immunotherapeutics
Jackie Benson Jackie Benson
Vice President, Immunology Scientific Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Wei Wu Wei Wu
Principal, Venture Investments, Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC, Inc.
The Johnson & Johnson Innovation Collaboration Model
Andrew Wong Andrew Wong
Regional Vice President, Early Innovation Partnering, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Asia Pacific
Sharon Chan Sharon Chan
Head, JLABS @ Shanghai, Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Johnson & Johnson Innovation seeks to positively impact human health through innovation. We do this by helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of creating healthcare solutions that improve peoples’ lives around the world.

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