Transform Beyond Borders to Lead the Innovation | Light Reading

If we look at what’s happening at the moment, the digitization of information is disrupting almost every aspect of our lives. The relation between the physical world and digital world is pretty ambiguous. In this brand-new world without borders, businesses that were disconnected are fitting together seamlessly and unleashing surprising synergies.

Different companies have different strategies to move forward when it comes to digital transformation, however, they may have the same goal: transform to a digital company and open the digital capabilities to empower adjacent industries. In a much more straightforward way: break the borders within the organization, and break the borders across industries.

But, how to transform beyond borders to make business more efficient? The fusion of new technologies and business models are fundamental to the empowerment of transformation, which are also the prerequisites for Whale Cloud to accelerate our own digital transformation so that we can better assist our customers along their journeys.

We’ve walked through an exhilarating year following the strategic partnership with Alibaba Group and the rebrand from ZTEsoft. On one hand, with the rebrand from ZTEsoft to Whale Cloud, we re-envision our strategies to be a Global Leader in Digital Transformation.

Meanwhile, the capital investment from Alibaba Group has changed our company nature from traditional software vendor to a new one with internet company gene that is more agile, customer-centric and innovative. This change enables Whale Cloud to better adapt to market requirements, flexibly respond to customer changes, moreover, overturn the traditional way of doing business and extend to innovative ones like new retail, mobile payment.

Alibaba + Whale Cloud: a surprising1+1>2 reaction

The collaboration with Alibaba Group is a company-level strategic alliance that will lead huge win for both sides.

Alibaba Group is the largest e-commerce and retail company in the world, and the largest data operator managing huge amount of customer, product, finance and transactions data. The company is equipped with experience and tools to mine value from data, which can also be leveraged to help telecom operators create innovative solutions to serve customer, as well as assist more players in adjacent industries.

As the business partner of Alibaba Cloud for internationalization, Whale Cloud has extensive experience in professional services, international projects delivery and business operation. We are the perfect partner for Alibaba to expand abroad and serve people worldwide.

This collaboration has created our unique value proposition which differentiates us from other industry players: Whale Cloud business strength + Alibaba technology strength trigger a surprising1+1>2 reaction.

Strategic initiatives in the year ahead
Well, how this partnership can impact the telecom market and others?
In 2019, we have taken several initiatives to accelerate the digital transformation:

We believe digital transformation is all about Efficiency Revolution, old and outdated business models will be replaced by the new ones to achieve higher efficiency. It is not about how advanced technology you will take, technonology is the cornerstone but successful business transformation is the objective to make the company much more competitive after the digital transformation. The success of tranformation is also depending on people and mindset: how much willingness you want to move out of today’s comfort zone?

The transformation journey will be long and sustainable, but it will happen inevitably, which means, the transformation will start within your organization sooner or later, but better from today, from now.

— Ben Zhou, CEO, Whale Cloud International