WCED and Wesgro join forces to transform education and drive innovation

WCED and Wesgro join forces to transform education and drive innovation

The Western Cape Education Department has teamed up with Wesgro, the province’s official agency for tourism, trade and investment, to launch Edu Invest. This initiative aims to boost investment in education and spur innovation across the Western Cape.

Edu Invest aims to serve as an investment gateway in the rapidly evolving education sector and to act as a unifying platform that encourages long-term public-private partnerships.

The goal is to transform the Western Cape into the premier education and innovation hub in Africa.

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With the Western Cape’s education system gaining approximately 18 000 new students each year, the demand for independent and low-fee schools is more urgent than ever.

Edu Invest focuses on generating investments in new private schools, including those catering to underprivileged communities. This approach aims to alleviate the overcrowding seen in public schools and improve the overall quality of education in the region.

Currently, the Western Cape has 1 754 schools, of which 1 449 are public. In contrast to provinces like Gauteng, there is a noticeable shortage of independent schools in the Western Cape.

The high learner-to-teacher ratio, particularly among government-funded teachers, further stresses the need for additional schools.

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David Maynier, the Western Cape’s minister of education, emphasised the initiative’s importance, stating, ‘We are not just paying lip service to change in the Western Cape. We are actively collaborating with businesses to improve teaching and learning outcomes and expand access to education in our province. We are wholeheartedly embracing innovative teaching and learning methods.’

Wrenelle Stander, the CEO of Wesgro, stressed the role of educational innovation for economic prosperity. According to Stander, private-sector investments will not only elevate academic performance but will also increase the region’s competitiveness.

‘Edu Invest reflects Wesgro’s commitment to advancing the business of education. Education is the cornerstone of a thriving economy, essential for both economic prosperity and social well-being,’ she noted.

Stander also highlighted the need for an overhaul in teaching methods, technology and curricula. She emphasised that education serves as the linchpin for the region’s economic and social well-being, urging a collective effort to build a world-class education system.

With both the public and private sectors committed to reshaping the educational landscape, Edu Invest promises to be a transformative force for the Western Cape, offering new horizons for investment and innovation.

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