What to expect at TechEd Day at FORWARD VI: Where AI and automation insight become innovation

What to expect at TechEd Day at FORWARD VI: Where AI and automation insight become innovation

There’s a reason FORWARD draws thousands of people from around the world year after year. Yes, it’s great to meet with fellow automation enthusiasts and practitioners to share ideas and insight. It’s inspiring to see how companies are putting UiPath technology to work to help them innovate at speed, drive efficiency, and transform experiences for their customers and employees. And FORWARD wouldn’t be FORWARD without hearing from UiPath executives and industry thought leaders on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) and business automation. 

But the people who come to FORWARD are looking for even more. They’re the people who are passionate about taking a great idea from the drawing board to reality. They’re the ones who love to roll up their sleeves and dive into the details of automation solutions, so they can turn inspiration into innovation. And they come to FORWARD to get the technical know-how to make it happen. 

In fact, previous FORWARD attendees have told us that they want even more technical content and education. That’s the idea behind the first-ever TechEd Day at FORWARD VI. TechEd Day is specifically designed for automation developers and technical users who want to get hands-on with UiPath products, see demos of the latest capabilities, and join in interactive Q&A sessions with UiPath product experts. 

You asked for more technical content at FORWARD. We listened. And we delivered. Here’s a quick look at what TechEd Day has to offer.

Easily zero-in on the topics that matter to you

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to getting the technical knowledge you need. That’s why we’ve created distinct session tracks for TechEd Day, so you can pick and choose the sessions that fit your interests.


Nothing happens without the people who have the technology expertise to drive transformation within the business. TechEd Day includes a full lineup of sessions for developers tasked with deploying AI-powered automation within their organizations.

Example sessions

  • Unlock AI-driven automation for ITSM

  • Supercharge low-code apps with Generative AI

  • How to create seamless user experiences with trigger-based attended automation

Center of excellence

The CoE is the home of the professionals responsible for sourcing automation ideas, governing automation deployment, and scaling automation throughout the enterprise. You play a critical role in the success of an automation program—and at TechEd Day, you can get the education you need to ensure you keep your organization’s automation initiatives on the right track.

Example sessions

  • Security best practices across the UiPath Business Automation Platform 

  • Migrating to Automation Cloud

  • The future of digital assistants: How your employees can benefit from automation in their day-to-day work

Business analysts

As a business analyst, you understand how business processes work, making you the best source for new automation ideas and opportunities. TechEd Day offers you the knowledge and skills you need to identify new possibilities for efficiency and transformation.

Example sessions

  • Specialized AI for UiPath Task Mining and Process Mining

  • Boosting process improvement with UiPath Process Mining and automation

  • Monitoring and improving your quality of service


As an automation program scales up and automations grow more complex, it’s increasingly vital to ensure quality and compliance. TechEd Day features a full slate of content curated for the testers who keep automations running the way they should.

Example sessions

  • Discover continuous AI-powered quality

  • Driving a test-first mindset across RPA and application development

  • Unleash the power of coded automation for testers

A deep dive into AI-powered automation

Unless you’ve had your headphones on nonstop for the last year, you’ve probably heard a lot about AI. You can’t turn on the news or scan the headlines without catching a story about how AI will revolutionize the way we work and live.

For UiPath customers, AI is nothing new. It’s been helping them take their automation program to new heights for some time now. AI and automation are the perfect fit. But that past is a prologue to a new future. AI is poised to work its way into more processes and areas of the business—opening the door to unprecedented levels of innovation and productivity. And at TechEd Day, you’ll have the chance to explore how AI is now making an even bigger impact on business automation, with sessions devoted to AI’s role in areas such as testing, task mining, process mining, and low-code apps.

Hands-on workshops that help you turn theory into practice

Eager to get into the details and start working through how you could put UiPath Platform capabilities to work to address the challenges you face? TechEd Day’s hands-on workshops are the place for you. It’s your chance to get hands-on with the technology that will help you drive true digital transformation throughout the enterprise.

Example sessions

  • Validate expected vs. actual ROI of your automation program

  • Effortless AI for document processing

  • Mine, monitor, and automate with Communications Mining

Get ready to pack your brain with in-depth technical knowledge on AI-powered automation. Explore the full FORWARD VI + TechEd Day agenda—including the lineup of sessions and workshops available on TechEd Day on October 12.