42Com Embraces Innovation with AVISO’s Revolutionary Messaging Ecosystem | VoIP Review

42Com Embraces Innovation with AVISO's Revolutionary Messaging Ecosystem | VoIP Review

In a considered strategy that highlights adherence to innovation and standards, global voice wholesale expert 42Com has joined forces with a noted figure in the industry, Vladimir Smal, to commence operations on AVISO Messaging. This cutting-edge initiative is poised to augment the messaging ecosystem, fueled by a commitment to integrity, top-tier quality, and competitive price-points. Recognizing the importance of dependable communication in our world today, AVISO Messaging responds aptly to global needs, insisting on a fraud-free environment and pledging to facilitate growth, especially for the voice partners of 42Com. Alberto Grunstein, CEO of 42com and co-founder of AVISO Messaging emphasizes, “AVISO is the culmination of our mission to lead and innovate. We’re leveraging our voice service momentum and Vladimir Smal’s messaging mastery to broaden our horizon and deliver diversified, growth-driven offerings.” AVISO Messaging is primed to deliver a comprehensive range of services, kickstarting with SMS. The plan forward is to broaden its service portfolio introducing WhatsApp, RCS, and voice messaging solutions. In collaboration with local vendors and through pioneering market solutions, AVISO aims to emerge as an excellent choice where prevailing SMS rates are insufficient. With over a decade and half of expertise in telecom and messaging gained during his time as Head of Sales and Procurement at LANCK Telecom, Vladimir Smal, CEO and co-founder of AVISO Messaging shares, “We’re not just meeting the current market demand; we’re exceeding it by setting new standards for service quality, security, and pricing.” Positioning itself as more than just a provider, AVISO Messaging emerges as a watchdog, assuring secure and reliable messaging solutions. “Our ‘Signed. Sealed. Delivered.’ tagline is a pact with our clients, guaranteeing trusted solutions anywhere, anytime,” commits Grunstein. 42com is a premier German landline telecom operator known for a carrier-to-carrier business model, fostering close relationships with carriers across continents. They are passionate about facilitating high-quality voice termination and DID solutions with primary exposure to Tier-1 telecom operators to achieve comprehensive network accessibility. On the other hand, AVISO Messaging, an emerging player in the SMS industry, is dedicated to revolutionizing industry standards with a strong focus on delivering trusted, cost-effective communication solutions. They specialize in providing the most reliable messaging services and managed SMS solutions to aggregators, OTTs, and CPaaS platforms globally.