©DLIT framework

©DLIT Framework – Design, Life, Innovation, Technology

Design – Needs to be focused on the outcome and review from start to end. If the objective has been changed, the design needs to be reviewed from the start to get a holistic view.

Life – Focusing on one vertical sector and using it as a baseline before branching out to the horizontal sector to achieve qualitative and quantitative life design.

Innovation – More than an idea; thought processes into sales velocity and how to influence consumers and the market will lead to revenue (income).

Technology – Before and after technology stack, evaluate to buy or build technology, What is available? What’s new and what’s outdated? The depth and complexity of technology implementation may affect the organization’s ability to change and evolve.

Alan has designed the DLIT framework to include the life and customer behaviours aspect, with first and last-mile implementation to achieve business objectives.