4th annual “Global Innovation Forum” announces Dr. Noubar Afeyan as visionary speaker  – HyeTert

YEREVAN, JULY 27, ARMENPRESS. World-renowned entrepreneur, scientist, and co-founder of the Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST), Dr. Noubar Afeyan visited Armenia this month to convey a motivational message to the organization and lend his support for plans to transform the country into an innovative hub. FAST hosts Afeyan as the ‘Visionary Speaker’ at this year’s Global Innovation Forum (GIF) in Yerevan, Armenia on October 5 & 6, 2022.

“If you have chosen the commitment to developing science, then you are soldiers building the future of the country,” Afeyan stated. Internationally recognized as co-founding the biotechnology company Moderna, Afeyan touched upon his own personal journey during a dynamic discussion with FAST employees. Afeyan described his family’s emigration and the tempestuous path of scientific breakthroughs that led to global success. He stated: “If you insist, persist and adapt, eventually, you break through. You then become the native of the new way. That same journey that immigrants go through to adapt and become a part of a new reality is what innovators do.”

Afeyan passionately spoke of the inevitable Truth and what humans must do to service the future despite countless challenges. “The end result is what we aim to achieve… that is most directly influenced by education, and new possibilities are most directly influenced by science, technology, and innovation.” Afeyan emphasized the important role FAST plays as an entity that pushes the envelope by building capacity, changing mindsets, and advancing projects in the Armenia’s developmental agenda.

As expressed by Afeyan, imagination and science are noteworthy when you believe in your findings. “Even though imagination in science is considered to be science fiction, during my 35-year experience in starting many companies and being involved in many innovations, I have learned that most breakthrough innovations are made through a combination of science and imagination. Maybe we should use both our ability to reason and to imagine to come up with major discoveries.”  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the pivotal focus at this year’s Global Innovation Forum (GIF) in Yerevan, Armenia on October 5 & 6, 2022. The two-day event organized by FAST is a unique platform that brings together scientists, visionaries, and thought leaders, both local and global, to discuss innovative trends and emerging challenges in science and technology. Afeyan is set to deliver a powerful speech as the ‘Visionary Speaker,’ joining colleagues from around the world to discuss and expand upon Armenia’s potential in multi-field applications of AI. The fourth annual GIF bridges science, government, international organizations, and financial institutions to draft solutions for the prosperous future of Armenia.