Agricultural Innovation Unleashed: Wegvoraus Exhibition’s 3rd Agritech West Africa Expo – Daily View Gh Daily View Gh

Agricultural Innovation Unleashed: Wegvoraus Exhibition's 3rd Agritech West Africa Expo - Daily View Gh Daily View Gh

In a dynamic collaboration, Wegvoraus Exhibition is gearing up for the 3rd edition of the Agritech West Africa exhibition, set to unfold from March 19-21, 2024, at the renowned Accra International Conference Centre. This event is not just a showcase; it’s a strategic partnership involving key stakeholders and government backing. Collaboration for Impact: Joining forces with entities such as the West Africa Chamber of Agriculture (WACOA), CropLife Ghana, the Association of Ghana Industries, GUTA, and the Food & Beverage Association of Ghana, Wegvoraus Exhibition aims to create a transformative experience for the agricultural sector. Government Support and Global Diversity: Under the auspices of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Ghana, this expo has garnered significant government support. The international flair is evident with around 100 companies from India, South Africa, Turkey, Nigeria, Ghana, America, Europe, and more regions participating. They will showcase innovations spanning agrochemicals, agricultural technology, irrigation, biofeeds, food processing, packaging technologies, and more. Business Opportunities at the Core: Thomas James, the Project Director of AgricTech West Africa, envisions this edition as a platform for impactful business-to-business discussions. Joint ventures, trading, importation, distributions, and exports are on the agenda, making it a pivotal opportunity for farmers and producers. Global Stage for Ghanaian Producers: Dr. Joseph Obeng, President of GUTA, advocates for the extension of such exhibitions globally. He sees it as a chance for Ghanaian producers in Agribusiness to shine on an international stage, aligning with the nation’s commitment to value-added agriculture and targeted food production. Educational Pulse: Beyond the bustling exhibition halls, the event is an intellectual hub. Seminars and conferences will unfold over two days, fostering discussions on innovations, ideas, and current issues in the agricultural sector. Diverse Audience: With a broad target audience, including government representatives, ministries, departments, agencies, commercial farmers groups, research institutions, trade associations, and chambers of commerce, the expo is positioned as a meeting ground for diverse perspectives and collaborations. Past Successes and Future Integration: Reflecting on previous editions, Mr. Tanko, the Public Relations Officer at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, highlights how these expos have propelled farmers and manufacturers onto the global stage. The integration of new technologies into farms and processing facilities has been a direct outcome, marking the success and impact of these events.