At TTK Prestige’s core lies innovation: Anil Gurnani

In a new episode of Pitch BrandTalk – a video series that engages with the senior management of brands to churn out innovative insights – Pitch had an insightful conversation with Anil Gurnani, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, TTK Prestige. Gurnani discusses in detail the strong focus on innovation, understanding customer needs and adapting to market trends. He also sheds light on the brand’s commitment to safety, customization, and “Make in India” and how this further strengthens its position as a leader in the Indian kitchen appliance industry. Charting out some pivotal points in the brand’s journey, Gurnani said, “The first thing would be the GRS safety technology that we brought into in cookers. In the 1960s pressure cooker was not a safe device to be considered in the house, but we came up with the technology, which made that cooker to be one of the safest instruments to have in the kitchen.” He further spoke about entering the appliance category – broadening the product portfolio, catering to diverse cooking needs beyond pressure cookers; and building an extensive exclusive store network – with over 700 stores pan-India. Greater control over brand experience and customer insights were another two very important moments in the brand’s journey, Gurnani said. TTK Prestige prioritizes addressing needs and offering innovative solutions, not just replicating existing products, says Gurnani. “The core DNA of the organisation is innovation. We have understood that we need to add value, we need to look at what the unmet needs of the consumers are, which no other competition is giving them and if we can resolve those pain points for them.” “If you see Prestige as an organisation and the kitchen appliances industry – the consumer is highly involved because the cuisine you make in that appliance reflects your culture. When looking at marketing as an organised function, we have to look at every market differently. There has to be immense customization not only in terms of products but also in terms of the communication and the media that you want to choose.” He further shares that the brand enjoys a presence at a pan-India level because it has thought of each geography differently and worked out product, marketing and communication strategies for that geography. GenZ and late Millenials are a growing category for the brand with more audiences cooking either out of compulsion or interest, Gurnani pointed out. “Traditionally our TG was mostly around 30-45-year-old women, but the dynamic and the market has completely changed. It is no longer a 30-plus-only TG, there is a 20-plus younger generation and it’s not only women, it’s men as well as boys. Accordingly, we are getting those products, because, as an organisation we need to connect to the consumer as soon as possible. We are also thinking along the lines and how to communicate during the consumer journey. If we attract the younger consumers with the kind of products they like, these people when they are older will go for our cookers, cookware and mixer grinder products. We need to contact this consumer as early as possible so that they are getting associated with the brand from a younger age.”