Business Review Awards Gala 2024 Celebrated Excellence and Innovation in Romanian Business – Business Review

Business Review Awards Gala 2024 Celebrated Excellence and Innovation in Romanian Business - Business Review

The much-anticipated 19th edition of the Business Review Awards Gala 2024 took place last evening, on March 4, bringing together over 150 top business professionals, executives, public officials, and diplomats at a glamorous event held in the heart of Bucharest at JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel. The gala celebrated the outstanding achievements, innovations, and enduring legacies of companies and individuals shaping the Romanian business landscape. “2023 has been a year full of challenges, difficulties, opportunities and achievements for the Romanian business environment which we, at Business Review witnessed and featured in our features, cover stories, articles, and news. We tried and we also like to believe that we succeeded in objectively presenting the local business environment, showing both the strengths and weaknesses of operating in the local business environment. Over the previous 18 editions of the Business Review Awards Gala, our flagship event, we set the spotlight on the achievements of the business community, thus awarding and celebrating the companies, business leaders, and entrepreneurs who showed drive, initiative, and who achieved the best results in their class of business. As in previous years, tonight we will award businesses for their outstanding results registered last year, handing 14 awards – from sustainability to excellence in business, best Romanian brand, executive of the year, or 25 years of business in Romania, just to name a few. This year’s edition of BRA gathered more than 76 shortlisted nominees out of a grand total of 200 received nominations for these awards which prove once again that the Business Review Awards Gala continues to be a landmark for the Romanian media scene.” Said Anda Sebesi, Editor-in-Chief of the Business Review Magazine in the opening of the event. Without any further ado, here are the Romanian business champions of 2023, the winners of the Business Review Awards Gala 2024: Sustainability Project of the Year | Powered by FEPRA Winner: Lidl Romania, for the “Clean Romania”, a project through which 12.6 tonnes of waste, including 8.4 tonnes of plastic, were collected from the Danube. Lidl Romania emerged victorious in the Sustainability Project of the Year category, powered by FEPRA. The accolade recognized Lidl’s commitment to sustainable practices, after a tough competition from shortlisted nominees Carrefour Romania, Carmistin International, Edenred, Genesis Property, and Glovo & e-Mobility Rentals. “Clean Romania” is a project implemented by Lidl Romania focused on collecting plastic from water and shorelines, but also on raising awareness and educating people on the need to protect water and integrate plastic responsibly into their lives. In 2023 alone, 4.3 tonnes of waste were collected through the program, including 3 tonnes of plastic. Best Romanian Brand of the Year | Powered by CPI Romania Winner: TEILOR TEILOR stood out as the Best Romanian Brand of the Year, powered by CPI Romania, surpassing the other shortlisted nominees Arctic, Catena, Fragedo by TRANSAVIA, Astra Imperio, and FC Rapid 1923. The award signifies TEILOR’s exceptional brand strength and market impact. TEILOR is a Romanian luxury jewelry brand with a 25-year tradition, present in 5 countries: Romania, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. In 2023, TEILOR celebrated its 25th anniversary by launching the brand in the Metaverse, opening a store in the virtual universe where users can explore and try on TEILOR jewelry. Employer of the Year Winner: BCR BCR was honored as the Employer of the Year, demonstrating a commitment to fostering a positive and empowering work environment. The shortlisted nominees included Carrefour Romania, dm-drogerie markt, Kaufland Romania, Macromex, and Bosch Romania. The award recognizes Lidl Romania’s innovative and people-centric approach to HR, continuous learning initiatives, commitment to financial health, and active efforts to address industry-specific challenges. Built on two fundamental pillars: Financial Health and Fit for Change, BCR’s HR strategy not only invests in individual employees but also aims to become a positive force for financial health within their communities. Innovator of the Year | Powered by e-Mobility Rentals Winner: IXFI Exchange IXFI Exchange clinched the Innovator of the Year award, powered by e-Mobility Rentals, recognizing their groundbreaking contributions to innovation. The shortlisted nominees included e-Mobility Rentals, Investimental, MedLife, Norofert, and Vodafone Romania. IXFI stands out as a third-generation (Gen 3.0) cryptocurrency exchange. It distinguishes itself by streamlining trading processes, redefining the standards in the cryptocurrency exchange domain. IXFI’s innovative rewards program has significantly contributed to its rapid growth, amassing over 300,000 users in a brief period and securing global recognition as the largest Buy Crypto Platform in the world. Entrepreneur of the Year Winner: Gruia Stoica, Co-Founder & President, Grampet Gruia Stoica, Co-Founder & President of Grampet, was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year. The award recognized his entrepreneurial prowess and role in developing a successful national business. Nominees included Sacha Dragic, Bogdan Nicoara, Voicu Oprean, and Cristi Nechita-Rotta. As President of Grampet, Gruia Stoica has demonstrated exceptional leadership in navigating the challenges faced by the company in 2023. Despite the complexities of the market and the impact of global events, he successfully maintained agility across all companies within the group, ensuring efficient responses to market needs and providing integrated and sustainable freight transport solutions. Public Listed Company of the Year Winner: AROBS Transilvania Software AROBS Transilvania Software secured the Public Listed Company of the Year award, reflecting their stellar performance on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Nominees included DN AGRAR Group, Safetech Innovations, Simtel Team, Sphera Franchise Group, and Transport Trade Services. As of September 20, 2023, the last trading day of AROBS on the AeRO market, the company’s market capitalization had increased by 53% since its initial listing, from RON 618 million to RON 948 million. After this date, AROBS transferred to the Main Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, becoming the largest technology company listed on this market. Executive of the Year Winner: Achilleas Kanaris, CEO, Vodafone Romania Achilleas Kanaris, CEO of Vodafone Romania, was recognized as the Executive of the Year for his innovation, excellence, and results in a corporate setting. Other shortlisted nominees included Fulga Dinu, Marco Hößl, Ema Iftimie, Miron Radic, Zdenek Romanek, and Cosmin Vladimirescu. As the CEO of Vodafone Romania, Achilleas Kanaris is leading a transformational agenda of the company from a telecommunications operator into a technology powerhouse. In 2023, under his stewardship, Vodafone Romania witnessed a noteworthy 2.5% year-on-year increase in its service revenues, amounting to EUR 582 million over the first nine months. Excellence in Business Winner: Carrefour Romania Carrefour Romania was honored with the Excellence in Business award, recognizing their outstanding achievements over a longer period. Nominees included Carmistin International, Continental Romania, Mega Image, OSCAR Downstream, and PayU GPO Romania. In 2023, with the acquisition of all Cora brand activities in our country, Carrefour Romania reached a number of approximately 450 stores in 113 cities, becoming one of the top players on the retail market in Romania. Carrefour Romania contributes to over 17,000 jobs and emphasizes the company’s integral role in the national ecosystem. Enduring Business Legacy Winner: Automobile Dacia Automobile Dacia received the Enduring Business Legacy award, celebrating their remarkable journey and contributions to the Romanian market over two decades. Other nominees included Apa Nova Bucuresti, Chimcomplex, Perla Harghitei, TotalSoft, and Vodafone Romania. Dacia’s journey began in 1966, evolving over the years into Romania’s largest company by revenue and the leading exporter. The company’s contribution to Romania’s industrial landscape is unparalleled and as a pioneer in affordable all-electric city cars, Automobile Dacia truly distinguishes itself as an enduring business that has stood the test of time and embraced modernity. Most Impactful Investment of the Year | Powered by Restart Energy Winner: STADA Romania STADA Romania secured the Most Impactful Investment of the Year award, recognizing their significant contributions to the Romanian industry. Nominees included Coca-Cola HBC Romania, DP World, Knauf Group, Nokian Tyres Romania, and Tesla Energy Storage. The EUR 60 million greenfield investment in a Production and Packaging Factory in Turda, Cluj, creates new jobs for 400 professionals. Built according to solid sustainability fundamentals, modern, state-of-the-art technology, as well as a suite of facilities that involve low energy consumption, STADA Romania’s new plant is one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. Company of the Year | Powered by Dentons Winner: Hidroelectrica Hidroelectrica was crowned Company of the Year, recognized for outstanding achievements, innovation, and sustainable growth in 2023. With a record-breaking net profit of RON 5.2 billion, a 42% increase, and revenues soaring by 32%, Hidroelectrica showcased unparalleled financial prowess in 2023. Its strategic focus on high-yield hydropower and transparent communication, evidenced by accurate electricity production forecasts, reflects its operational agility. Hidroelectrica’s 38% rise in energy production, coupled with impressive margins, solidifies its position as Romania’s energy leader, setting an exemplary standard for innovation, resilience, and sustainable growth in 2023. Twenty-five Years of Activity in Romania Winner: Game World Game World received a special recognition award for “Twenty-five Years of Activity in Romania,” celebrating their enduring commitment and significant contributions to the Romanian business landscape. With seven premium gaming halls and over 800 gaming stations, Game World sets the standard for elegance and safety in the gaming industry. Renowned accolades, including “Best gaming hall” and CSR recognitions, highlight Game World’s commitment to excellence and responsibility, while the introduction of demonstrates their innovative approach. This award not only acknowledges their longevity but also heralds Game World as a trusted leader in quality, innovation, and gaming experiences. Outstanding Transformational Leadership Winner: Restart Energy Restart Energy was honored with the Outstanding Transformational Leadership award for their exemplary efforts in spearheading the transition to clean energy. Restart Energy swiftly shifted focus from gas to green energy, its establishment of the Solar Division resulting in revenues surpassing those from gas sales in an entire year. Restart Energy’s strategic transformation, organizational overhaul, and commitment to sustainability position it as a leader in reshaping Romania’s energy landscape. Excellence in Business Transformation Winner: Teleperformance Romania Teleperformance Romania received the Excellence in Business Transformation award, acknowledging their strategic masterstroke in integrating a new business into an existing organization. The exceptional handling of the operational transition post-Majorel acquisition exemplifies Teleperformance Romania’s strategic prowess, visionary leadership, and precise execution of transformative decisions. With a diverse, multilingual team of 3,500 employees and cutting-edge AI solutions, Teleperformance demonstrates a harmonious blend of advanced technology and human empathy, solidifying its global position in customer care excellence. The Business Review Awards Gala 2024 showcased the diversity, resilience, and innovation within the Romanian business community, acknowledging the efforts of companies and individuals that continue to drive the nation’s economic development. In closing, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to everyone who contributed to the success of the Business Review Awards Gala 2024. A special thank you to our charismatic MC, Colin Lovering, for guiding us through an evening of celebration and recognition. To all the participants, nominees, and winners, your passion, innovation, and dedication inspire us all. We appreciate the tireless efforts of the Business Review events team for orchestrating a seamless ceremony that truly showcased the excellence within the Romanian business community. Our sincere appreciation also goes to our esteemed partners: CPI Property Group, Restart Energy, Dentons, e-Mobility Rentals, Le Manoir, Liliac, FEPRA, and Think Events | Holograma 3D. Your invaluable support contributed significantly to the success of this gala, emphasizing the collaborative spirit that defines the Romanian business landscape. Thank you, and here’s to another year of achievement, growth, and innovation in the business realm.