CA Southern Africa highlights Symantec innovation

CA Southern Africa highlights Symantec innovation
Michael Brink, CTO, CA Southern Africa.

CA Southern Africa, a representative of Broadcom Software and driving Symantec Enterprise Cloud (SEC) uptake in SA’s enterprise market, highlights Symantec’s five decades of innovation as a global cyber security leader with an incomparable record of accomplishment, CA Southern Africa says.

SEC is a consolidated hybrid cloud solution offering data and threat protection backed by the worldwide network of Symantec Security Operations Centres – it comprises a comprehensive offering designed to deliver data-centric, cross-platform security for large enterprises.

Broadcom’s acquisition of Symantec in 2019 reinforced a history of innovation focusing on areas most important to its global client base, including:

The period post the acquisition was one of the busiest, most productive and innovative in Symantec’s history as the company rebuilt its entire security infrastructure in the cloud to serve the needs of its global enterprise customers from the cloud at high performance levels.

Michael Brink, CTO at CA Southern Africa, says: “A SASE architecture delivers security services directly to devices at the network edge, eliminating the wasteful ‘touch base’ or hair-pinning – essentially backhauling or channelling all traffic from the cloud and back to the on-premises data centre for every transaction. But speed and latency still matter in the cloud: if the edge network is bandwidth-constrained or physically distant from a user’s device, latency will grow and performance will suffer.

“To drive these constraints to an absolute minimum, Broadcom Software rewrote and re-platformed its entire offering – more than 80 products and services, including all Symantec solutions – as cloud native, software as a service solutions on Google Cloud infrastructure, in containerised environments under Kubernetes orchestration.”

He adds that the strategic partnership with Google provides Broadcom and Symantec users the following advantages:

“The enterprise sector in South Africa has a promising opportunity ahead with the support of CA Southern Africa’s team of highly skilled and experienced technology professionals focused on enhancing the potential of the SEC offering,” concludes Brink.