Casio Celebrates 50 Years Of Innovation With The Casiotron Watch – IMBOLDN

Casio Celebrates 50 Years Of Innovation With The Casiotron Watch - IMBOLDN

Casio celebrates a milestone with the launch of the Casiotron Watch, a limited-edition timepiece paying homage to the iconic Casiotron, the world’s first digital watch with an automatic calendar function, which debuted in 1974. This release commemorates 50 years of Casio’s originality and innovation in timekeeping. “The Casiotron marked a pivotal moment in timekeeping history, introducing digital technology into personal timekeeping,” remarked Tom Kato, Chairman of Casio America. “It set a new standard, paving the way for innovations that are now commonplace.” The Casio Casiotron watch faithfully reproduces the original Casiotron’s design while incorporating cutting-edge technologies for precision timekeeping. With Mobile Link functionality, it seamlessly pairs with smartphones via Bluetooth®, enabling automatic updates for world time zone information, alarms, and more through the CASIO Watches app. This modern reinterpretation also features a screw-lock case back with glass in the center for radio wave reception, alongside a redesigned symbol commemorating the 50th anniversary and an engraved serial number highlighting its rarity. “The TRN50-2A is a fusion of heritage and technological advancement,” Kato explained. “It integrates contemporary features like smartphone connectivity, radio wave reception, and solar power, setting new standards while honoring our rich legacy.” With additional features such as 50-meter water resistance, a full auto super-illuminator LED backlight, and five daily alarms, the Casio Casiotron watch is available for $500 at Casio’s website. In other horology news, see the UNIMATIC x Bettinardi Golf Modello Uno Limited Edition Watches.