CDL-Vancouver preps fall innovation mining and minerals conference following launch of minerals stream

CDL-Vancouver preps fall innovation mining and minerals conference following launch of minerals stream

While industry buzz continues to focus on such technologies as AI and quantum computing, mining and minerals are proving no less important. Creative Destruction Lab–Vancouver (CDL-Vancouver) is holding a conference on October 25 at the Vancouver Convention Centre that will focus on innovation in mining and minerals.

CDL-Vancouver said the conference coincides with the launch of its new minerals stream, and will bring together industry leaders, academics and investors to discuss the future of the mineral exploration and mining industry.

CDL called it a unique opportunity to connect the British Columbia, Canadian, and global communities to share insights into a more efficient and sustainable future for the mineral exploration and mining industry.

The CDL-Vancouver Minerals stream launched in July and is meant to assist founders looking to deliver scalable global solutions to ensure a supply of minerals critical to Canada’s future.

“The Minerals stream reflects the increased focus on technology and innovation in mineral exploration and mining, with a view to unlocking efficiency and sustainability gains,” said Bree Stanlake, director of CDL-Vancouver.

“Given the emerging opportunities in areas such as autonomous mining solutions, as well as digital innovation applied to this industry, we are thrilled to be at the forefront in driving these new technologies forward,” Stanlake said.

CDL-Vancouver contends that the global move toward electrification and net-zero infrastructure, innovation in the mineral exploration and mining industry has never been more crucial. The CDL-Vancouver Minerals stream is calling for ventures aiming to enhance performance, safety, and sustainability in the industry.

The stream focuses on innovations that span the lifecycle of a mineral project, including ore body discovery and definition; mineral extraction and processing; and sustainability and post-mining activities, including water stewardship, waste to value, and tailings management.

The conference arrives just as attention continues to grow around Canada’s mining and mineral industry. PI Mining Solutions announced a partnership in late August with Québec AI Institute Mila to develop artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) modelling in the hopes of advancing mining efficiency.

That followed a June announcement that the Ontario government is providing a combined $77-million investment to the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI) to fund programming that aims to advance the province’s tech sector. That includes developing “critical technologies” in sectors like mining.

Mentors for CDL Minerals with experience in mineral exploration, mining, and venture building, such as CDL fellow Haig Farris will support founders with objectives-based mentorship—and their deep industry expertise. “The CDL Minerals initiative comes at an important time as the need for strategic metals will require powerful new technology at all stages of mining, from exploration to production to transportation and refining, to meet world requirements,” Farris said.

CDL is a nonprofit organization that delivers a program for scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies. Founded in 2012 by Professor Ajay Agrawal at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, the program has expanded to 12 sites across six countries: Oxford, Seattle, Paris, Atlanta, Madison, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, Halifax, Berlin, and Estonia.

Image courtesy Alejandro Luengo via Unsplash.

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