CEPTES Software- 2x Partner Innovation Award 2023 Winner

CEPTES Software- 2x Partner Innovation Award 2023 Winner

Companies that push boundaries and deliver exceptional solutions are celebrated for their achievements by Salesforce every year. CEPTES Software, a standout player in this arena, proudly accepts the “Partner Innovation Award- 2023” within the Salesforce ecosystem. We’re the only company to standout as 2x award winners.  

We won this prestigious award in the “Emerging Technology in Customer 360” (ISV) category, recognizing CEPTES Software’s remarkable work alongside our client, Red Sift, utilizing our integration platform 200 OK- to tackle integration challenges head-on. The second award was in the “Industry Solution” category for our product DataArchiva in communication (ISV) section. Our innovative spirit and commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes have secured us this award for the second consecutive year.

Salesforce relies on the International Data Corporation (IDC) for expert guidance in awarding companies. The IDC’s trusted research and analysis play a crucial role in identifying deserving organizations in the CRM and cloud computing sectors. This partnership ensures the credibility of Salesforce’s award programs and highlights its commitment to recognizing excellence and innovation in customer-centric technologies.

The Client: Red Sift

Red Sift, a leading player in the cyber security industry, partnered with CEPTES Software to address their integration challenges and optimize their business processes. With CEPTES Software’s innovative no-code integration platform, 200 OK, they were able to achieve remarkable results and streamline their operations.

Benefits of 200 OK

The utilization of CEPTES Software’s innovative no-code integration platform, 200 OK, brought numerous benefits to Red Sift. Some of the key advantages include:

The Impact

The implementation of CEPTES Software’s 200 OK platform brought significant benefits to Red Sift. By leveraging the platform’s capabilities, Red Sift was able to reduce their integration development cost by 40%, resulting in substantial cost savings for the organization. Additionally, the platform helped Red Sift overcome their technical debt by 80%, allowing them to focus on innovation and growth rather than maintaining legacy systems.

CEPTES Software’s recognition as the Partner Innovation Award Winner- 2023 in the Customer 360 ISV category is a testament to our commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional solutions. With our innovative solutions and dedication to client success, CEPTES Software exemplifies the spirit of the Partner Innovation Awards. 

If you are interested in knowing more about how the power of 200 OK has got us the award and how it can transform your business then meet us at “Dreamforce- 2023” at San Francisco, California.