Chasing Innovation: Chao-Ning Cheng’s learning roadmap to success in the AI era

Chasing Innovation: Chao-Ning Cheng's learning roadmap to success in the AI era

In the dynamic world of tech innovation, finding the right balance between structure and freedom is essential for fostering creativity and driving success. For Chao-Ning Cheng, a UX designer at LexisNexis… In today’s dynamic world, creativity and innovation are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. LexisNexis Legal & Professional embodies this ethos, relentlessly exploring the latest technologies… By Nigel Roberts | VP Global Associations LexisNexis Legal & Professional, VP LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation LexisNexis is a global provider of legal information services and tools, which provides… That was then: 15 law student Fellows looking rather worried as we explain that they need to plan, research, and write a publishable-quality legal advocacy paper. This is now: 15 published authors proudly… By Adonica Black, JD Legal professionals nationwide will participate in the 2023 LexisNexis® Equity in the Law Symposium in Miami and virtually on October 27, 2023, featuring presentations of the… In the dynamic world of tech innovation, finding the right balance between structure and freedom is essential for fostering creativity and driving success. For Chao-Ning Cheng, a UX designer at LexisNexis, this equilibrium isn’t just a concept—it’s a lived reality that is shaping his career and outlook on work. Cheng transitioned into a career in UX in 2019 and held two designer positions prior to pursuing a master’s degree in the UK in 2021, before embarking on his journey with LexisNexis’ London team in 2022. From the moment he joined us, Cheng was immersed in an environment where collaboration and empowerment weren’t just ideals but driving forces behind innovation. “At LexisNexis team members are from different places around the world, and everyone respects culture and backgrounds,” Cheng highlights, emphasizing the inclusive nature of the team and the value placed on diverse perspectives. As a newcomer, Cheng was initially guided by more experienced designers, and through dedication and training, he soon assumed responsibility for his own portfolio. From the get-go, Cheng also recognized the critical importance of cross-functional collaboration and the seamless integration of evolving technologies for our teams, particularly those centered around AI. This insight spurred him to register for the LexisNexis Digital Accessibility (DA) Yellow Belt, Six Sigma principles Program, in 2023 and eventually being the first employee to get certified on this program. With his DA Yellow Belt Certification in hands, Cheng proudly highlights that “this training gave me the knowledge I needed to embed accessibility into my design. It taught me and helped me to better understand customers with a disability.” At LexisNexis, training and knowledge translate into a robust culture that is strongly encouraging teams across to globe to continually learn, and innovate, while actively embracing flexibility to try new things. To team members like Cheng, this emphasis on innovation and improvement serves as a catalyst, propelling them to constantly seek to refine and enhance their skill sets. Our technology teams’ commitment to growth not only broadens our perspectives but also ignites their desire to learn and use creativity, resulting in the delivery of impactful results that drive product innovation, and career advancement in the exciting new territory of generative AI. “Although I have been with LexisNexis for a little less than 2 years, our organization has undergone significant changes in goals and strategies during this time. These dynamic circumstances have provided me with invaluable opportunities to develop my collaboration skills and adaptability as a key member of the team.” shares Cheng. Reflecting on how this and other trainings have positively impacted him, Cheng shares, “I look forward to continuing to expand my knowledge through additional valuable resources. These trainings reinforce my confidence in my qualifications as a UX designer and my commitment to creating inclusive experiences for all users.” Beyond technical proficiency, Cheng’s professional journey at LexisNexis has also fostered personal growth and confidence. He attributes much of his development to the supportive culture cultivated at the company, where mistakes are viewed as learning opportunities rather than setbacks. Cheng’s manager has played a pivotal role in his journey, encouraging his creativity, and providing unwavering support along the way. As Cheng continues to thrive and grow in his position, he embodies the endless possibilities for personal and professional development fostered within our culture of continual learning that offers teams members the opportunity to build their own path to success. His journey at LexisNexis demonstrates the power of seizing opportunities and welcoming innovations with confidence and initiative. Cheng’s parting advice for those aspiring to join our mission of shaping a more just world resonates deeply with his own experience: “Embrace your capabilities boldly and take the lead with courage.” ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LexisNexis training and education programs include the following and more: Stay connected.