Consumers driving flavor, color innovation trends in 2024

Consumers driving flavor, color innovation trends in 2024

CHICAGO  — ADM has identified what trends in flavors and colors will affect product innovation for 2024. The four trends include “luxe self-expression,” “dare to dupe,” “health without stealth,” and “breaking boundaries” of taste and color.

“Luxe self-expression” enables consumers to express themselves through the food and beverages they consume. For example, consumers are interested in luxurious fully flavored and vibrantly colored products. A few flavor inspirations that emerged this year included caramelized fruit, cinnamon sugar, and sweet paired with umami, according to the study.

Digital experiences also play a part in luxe self-expression but have shifted to in-real life experiences as well. For example, viral food trends have merged to consumer-packaged good spaces, the study found.  

The second trend, “dare to dupe,” focuses on affordability as a main factor driving the trend. Consumers are finding more economical versions of their favorite products or re-inventions of nostalgic products and are empowered to be led to sensory experiences that are authentic to their memories, regardless of brand, the report said. Flavor inspirations include pistachio, cucumber, melon and grapefruit. Color inspirations include pink power, magical marigold, playful blue, and pistachio green.

Consumers are continuously seeking ways to improve their health. “Health without stealth” has taken away the functional aspect in products and has shifted to just products, the report said. Taste and visual appeal also must resonate with consumers as well. Products that feature  relaxation, energy or hydration attributes are  ways consumers seek healthy lifestyles and share it with others. Colors that are a part of the trend  include spectra yellow, persimmon, pistachio green, olive oil, very violet, and floral pink. Flavor inspirations include blood orange and yuzu as well as violet and cherry blossom.

The “breaking boundaries” trend consists of embracing tastes and colors that were previously thought of as unconventional, the study said. Color inspirations include bold reds, vibrant pinks, rich purples, refined blues, saturated yellows, and earthy greens. Flavor inspirations include grape, lychee, and Chinese shacha.