Crowdstorm: The Future of Innovation, Ideas and Problem Solving

« TEDxGateway, Mumbai: The $300 House | Home | $300 House: an update from the Dartmouth posse » March 3, 2013 Crowdstorm: The Future of Innovation, Ideas and Problem Solving I recently received a copy of from Crowdstorm: The Future of Innovation, Ideas and Problem Solving Shaun Abrahamson . Shaun, for those of you who don’t know, was the mastermind behind our $300 House Open Design Challenge. He convinced Bastian Unterberg and Peter Ryder to donate their time and host our contest on the jovoto platform. I got a call from him out of the blue, so to speak, and a week and a half later, the contest was on. Now the three of them have collaborated (again) to give the rest of us a deep look at “how to leverage external talent to address all kinds of creative and innovative challenges.” The book is especially useful for folks behind the corporate iron-wall who are looking to bring in new ideas, products and services, business models, etc. from the outside, but don’t really know where to start. Sure, you can read Henry Chesbrough and John Hagel and JSB ‘s stuff (btw, did you know that Chesbrough once worked for JSB at PARC?), but this is the first book that walks you through a detailed process, step-by-step, and explains what your business needs to do to build an “open innovation” capability: This book will teach you and your organization: how to weigh the business benefit of crowdstorming with an organization’s legal, confidentiality, and brand needs what kinds of questions to ask crowdstorm participants how to compel a community to participate and reward them when they do how to recruit the best people to join your conversation how a coalition of partners can enhance crowdsourcing how to organize participants for the best results how to monitor a community in support of community management how to evaluate results the technology alternatives to enable crowdsourcing Now, you too can be an A.G. Lafley and bring in all kinds of new, externally developed products into your business! Go read it now >> Thanks also to Nathalie Sonne who managed the community for us on jovoto!