Daily Media Digest February 12, 2024 – Health Research Innovation Portal

Daily Media Digest February 12, 2024 - Health Research Innovation Portal

Making AI a partner in neuroscientific discovery The Neuro – The Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital “New paper argues that Large Language Models can reveal breakthroughs humans alone cannot … neuroscientists can either benefit from partnering with these powerful tools or risk being left behind.” KEYWORDS: artificial intelligence, neuroscience, The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) Improving palliative care requires better data Policy Options “A methodology from abroad has shown how to map care and identify areas for improvement. A national project aims to expand the benefits across Canada.” KEYWORDS: palliative care, Canadian Cancer Society, University of Calgary, University of Ottawa Can hydrogels help mend a broken heart? CBC “Researchers design gel from wood pulp to heal damaged heart tissue and improve cancer treatments … damaged heart tissue and improve cancer treatments.” KEYWORDS: cancer, medtech, regenerative medicine, University of Waterloo McMaster creates mouse ICU to study link between dementia and respiratory infection The Hamilton Spectator “A McMaster researcher created an intensive care unit to nurse sick mice back to health to prove that older adults hospitalized for a serious respiratory infection have a significantly increased risk of dementia …” KEYWORDS: aging, dementia, respiratory health, McMaster University Millions of people in Canada have sleep apnea. The problem is not all of them realize it CBC “Millions of Canadians have sleep apnea, but many don’t know it, doctors say. The good news is the condition is treatable, but the cost and access to that treatment varies a lot across the country.” KEYWORDS: health care, sleep, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University of Toronto